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Yes, You are Perfect!

- What are the causes for imperfection? -


Isn’t it nice to feel that you can count on someone or something? To some, that might be your parents, significant other, loving friends, or perhaps it’s the doctors or the government. Some might even jokingly mention the Superman or the Ghostbusters!

What would happen if the person, or the process that supported you had fell through, or was unavailable during your time of need? All sorts of mixed emotions arise: anxiety, anger, stress, panic, sadness… unpleasant and all toxic to the psychological and physical wellness.

So is suffering inevitable?

When something fails, it is so easy to blame others or other factors. It could be the ego, an evil spirit, bad luck, hormones… etc, which caused the situation to go sour.

Whether the end result matches what you had in mind or not, do you recognize your responsibility for the process of failure or success? Instead of blaming your ego or temperament, own it. “I am responsible for all that I say and do.”

Yes, the knee pain / full health is your responsibility; The successful / soiled relationship is your responsibility; your joy / misery is your responsibility.

Let’s dive deeper. Many of the physical ailments have a psychological origin. Vice versa, many psychological disturbances also have a physical source. This was described in a Yogic text: “A sound mind can live only in a healthy body; physical impurities lead to mental dullness. If you trace these obstacles to their source… disorganized thoughts and emotions are their breeding ground”.

It is the misinterpretation of the body, mind, and external environment that causes all the toxins. In reverse, the true identification of life, the true reality can strengthen and purify you. Everyone is capable of a fulfilling and blissful life, when they see every situation as it is without judgement.

The most powerful misidentification in the new age spiritual teaching is “Humans are perfectly imperfect.” If you contemplate this statement, it is a perfect recipe for failure, and removing all responsibility. If we are the microcosm of the macrocosm (Cosmos), the purest perfection, why would a perfect creation birth imperfections?

Yoga identifies human nature is as divine, perfect and infinite. It is the misidentification that causes all the decay, death and sorrow. Through the path of Yoga, we can once again remember the divine nature (buddha nature) within us.


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