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What IS the path for Self Mastery?

Peace is a state of stillness with total mental clarity. When consciousness is

no longer disturbed by sensory perceptions, all thoughts and actions can be conducted with focus and precision. Like the foundation of all sounds is absolute silence (ajapa). When you peel all layers of noise within, you can experience the ultimate peace.

Yoga describes “thought” as a compacted form of energy, not just a fleeting mental dialogue. Once a thought generates an action, which can build into a habit, it forms a lifestyle and then identity. So a thought is like a seed for the tree, the body. The phrase “You are what you think”, implies the directional flow of the mind’s energy, as a tool for manifestation.

The nature of the mind gathers information for discernment, separates everything it encounters with classifications and identities. Like a knife’s function is to cut, and can never be used to mend. Anything perceived by the mind can only be dissected in order to be assimilated. Once you piece all available information together, plus beliefs (vikalpa), a limited world view is formed, skewed with personal judgements and presumptions.

Yoga is a path of absolute clarity through total mastery of yourself. It points out 24 layers of perception in the material world (Tatvas), so one can mindfully sensitize each aspect, and begin the inner work to align with the true reality.

Five sensory organs (Jnanedriyas) - eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin

Five actionable organs (Karmendryas) - hands, feet, mouth, genitalia, anus

Five elements (Bhuta) - fire, air, water, earth, ether

Five senses - sight, smell, sound, taste, touch

Three mental abilities: memory (Manas), intellect (Buddhi), self identity (Ahamkara)

The primordial manifestation force - Prakriti

Mastering each layer of manifestation takes lots of experimentation and steadfast exploration. There will be times you face challenges and setbacks, but remember that IS the nature of self realization. Being persistent does not mean you become emotionless, remove from family and community. It is about conducting all your actions to the best of your ability, express emotions consciously, and stay in a state of inner equanimity amid challenges and joy alike. Self mastery is a guaranteed process to liberation, and in Yoga’s word, true immortality.

Tat sat,



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