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Abeer Rahman

Abeer Cassandra Rahman, Canada based yoga teacher and enthusiast, is a graduate of the Kula Teacher Training Class of 2009. Her Hatha, Power, Yoga Detour training is complemented by her knowledge of a variety of yoga subspecialties such as yoga philosophy, partner yoga and yoga for kids, seniors as well as corporate yoga . Her love for travel and the ability to speak Arabic, English and Spanish has allowed her the opportunity to teach in a number of exotic countries around the world.

From this she has made the yoga foundational connection to friends and peers worldwide. She holds Honors Human Biology university degree which is evident in her mobility yoga teaching style. Abeer brings a new spin to deeply knowing and loving oneself. She embraces her curls and curves as the ´Curly Curvy Yogi’ on Instagram.

Abeer's general schedule: (Sun) 5:30pm Hot Hatha, 7pm Hot Vinyasa

Beata Vincent

Compassionate, jovial, & open hearted would be a perfect description of Beata. She has a passion for yoga & offers this energy exchange to her students. Her studies emerged from a deep need for emotional healing, and the result was a calling to share the gift of yoga to everyone who would be open to finding the path of enlightenment.

She studied Hatha yoga under an Indian guru, and adapted her practice to blend east & west flavours. Her love of yoga, connecting to people on a soulful level, and desire to help live a fulfilled life, shows up on & off her mat.

Her mission is to be a beacon of light, be guided towards it, & help others along their journey into it.

Beata's general schedule: (Mon) 5:30pm Hot Hatha / (Tues) 12pm Hatha / (Sat) 12pm Hot Vinyasa / (Sun) 10am Hot Hatha; 12pm Hot Vinyasa Core

Chinmayee Rindani

Chinmayee is an engineer and certified yoga teacher who stumbled upon her yoga practice 15 years ago in an attempt to slow down the mind in a very busy and fast-paced world. She started off as an energy exchange cleaning at studios, and for the last 7 years she has been teaching various forms of Hatha, vinyasa, yin and pre/post natal around the GTA.

She focuses on cultivating a fun, curious and accessible-to-all class with an emphasis on finding the balance between the biomechanics and meditation aspects of the practice.

When she is not practicing yoga, she loves hiking in the mountains, scuba diving and walking with her dog Shiloh.

She has recently moved to Oakville and is looking forward to growing with the INYE community!

Chinmayees general schedule (Fri) 7am Warm Rise & Shine

Eddee Huang

Eddee is the studio director of Inye Yoga. His invitation to all students is to experience and deepen their connections to the physical, energetic, mental, and the subtle bodies through Yoga. Whether it is through Hatha asana, pranayama, meditation, hypnotherapy or reiki, as long as one is willing to step across the open door of awareness, he would provide guidance to aid their journey.

​Eddee's main Hatha Yoga principle for deep integrated work is patience. He strives to bring flexibility and mobility back to the spine, to grow tall and move with freedom, and to re-introduce natural alignment back to the body. His practices are conducted gracefully and methodically, and he invites the students to re-discover their physical and mental boundaries while exploring their unique path. Move and discover, that's how we grow and evolve.

Eddee is a certified E-RYT200 teacher, certified Reiki Master, and a clinical hypnotherapist. He aims to provide judgement free practices & a sacred space for every practitioners.

Eddee's general schedule: (Tues) 9:30pam Hot Hatha; 8:30pm Warm Yin Meditation / (Wed) 1:30pm Warm AyurYoga; 8:30pm HypnoYoga / (Thur) 7pm Hot Hatha I-II; 8:30pm Slow Release Flow / (Sat) 8:15am Warm AyurYoga; 10am Hot Hatha I-II. Eddee is the INYE Yoga Teachers Training Asana Trainer

Joanne Taylor

Joanne teaches a dynamic class infused with intelligence and creativity. She skillfully weaves the biomechanics of postures with inspired expression, inviting deeper awareness on and off the mat.

Joanne’s teaching draws from her mentors, Ted Grand, Michael Siddall and Cynthia Cooperstone. She has study Anusara Yoga in depth, and incorporates the principles into her teaching.

Off the mat, you’re likely to find Joanne celebrating in the great outdoors – rain or shine – on bike, skis or relaxing at the cottage with family and friends.

Joanne's general schedule: (Mon) 7am Warm Deep Stretch / (Wed) 7am Hot Hatha I; 9:30am Warm Deep Stretch / (Fri) 10am Hot Hatha; 12pm Warm Deep Stretch

Julie Chin

Julie strives to create space for healing, growth and transformation, and encourages students to find a sense of grace and introspection in their practice. Through pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy, Julie invites students to see yoga as more than just asana: to contemplate yoga as a living practice and a way of being; to consider the discoveries we make on our mats as metaphors for the lessons we need to learn in our lives off the mat.

She credits yoga with giving her greater clarity, inner strength, and a deeper understanding of compassion, as well as a profoundly different perspective on the world and her place within it.

Julie began practicing Ashtanga yoga in 2002, and received her 200-hour Advanced Study and Teacher Training Certification (alignment-based Hatha) in 2014. The teachers that have most influenced Julie are Colin Matthews, who helped her to find grace and wisdom in her personal practice, and Grant Hutchinson, who inspires her to approach teaching with loving compassion.

Julie's general schedule: (Mon) 12pm Vinyasa / (Wed) 12pm Hatha; 7pm Hot Hatha I-II / (Fri) 7pm Hot Hatha

Julie Unsworth

Julie has practiced yoga for over 20 years and credits her yoga practice for helping her stay balanced and grounded as she navigates raising two teenage daughters, a demanding career and the ups and downs of life.

During the pandemic, Julie decided to take her love of yoga to the next level, completing the 200-hour Yoga teacher training at Inye in 2021. Julie truly believes that yoga is for everyone, and her classes offer a balance of effort and ease, with options and variations provided to help students find the right practice for them.

Julie's general schedule: (Tues) 5:30pm Hot Vinyasa / (Fri) 5:15pm Hot Hatha

Sangha Ojha

Practising group chanting for many years, Sangha realised the significance of chanting in calming the nervous system and attaining heightened focus and awareness while bringing a deep sense of peace and well-being.

Sangha stumbled upon Chanting, Meditation, Pranayama and Breath Work practices through Art of Living Foundation, under the guidance of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at a point in her life when she was going through severe health issues. It was a life transforming experience.

Since then, for the past 25 years, she has committed her energy to bringing the Foundation's wellness and self-development programs to individuals, youth in schools and communities. As a meditator and yoga practitioner she has experienced and understood the value of taking care of oneself through the synergistic practice of yoga, meditation, chanting and service. She has mentored children of all ages to learn these ancient Sanskrit chants and has received very positive feedback from children and their parents. She is a regular at this studio over the last 13 years.

Sangha's general schedule: (Sar) 5:30pm Mantra Yoga (Nada)

Shanine Dennill

After being touched by the death of family members at a young age, Shanine questioned the meaning of life and death. This led her to study with masterful spiritual teachers.

Shanine was introduced to yoga while studying massage therapy in 1999 (in South Africa). It wasn't until she came to Canada in 2001 that she fell deeply in love with it. She completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2008. She then completed another 200-hour yoga training (with an alignment focus), a Meditation teacher training program, and her 300-hour yoga teacher training. She is an E-RYT 500 teacher with Yoga Alliance, and her yoga practices are influenced by Tantra Yoga (from the Sri Vidya lineage). She owned a yoga studio for 10 years, is a teacher trainer and Reiki practitioner.

Shanine completed her Folk Herbalism training and is currently studying to become an Ayurveda Health Advisor. She also has extensive training in Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra and teaches trainings in these fields at Inye. Her speciality is bringing Rituals and Rest to students, where we awaken to the sacred. Come be soothed by Shanine's gentle voice.

Shanine's general schedule: (Mon) 9:30am Hot Hatha / (Tues) 7pm Gentle / (Thur) 1:30pm Gentle / (Fri) 5:30pm Reiki Restorative

Shari Saracino

Shari has spent her entire career in the health care industry learning about disease treatment and prevention, and health management. She has always been active and after years of competitive sports, discovered her love of yoga. Because of her foundations in Kinesiology, she applies strong principles of anatomy and physiology to the teaching and mentoring of a healthy lifestyle. Shari caters to all levels of fitness needs and believes in a variety of modifications to ensure safe execution and participation in class. She believes in the importance of balancing strength and flexibility without compromising either in a well-rounded program.

Shari is passionate about health, fitness and nutrition. She appreciates the joy a healthy body can offer daily routines and how difficult simple chores can be when one’s body does not cooperate. She hopes that through her sharing of yoga, people can discover or rediscover the joy in daily activity. She is an energetic motivator who believes there is a program out there that can fit everyone’s needs.

Shari's general schedule: (Tues) 6:30am Warm Deep Stretch / (Thur) 6:30am Warm Deep Stretch; 12pm Yoga Strong

Tammy Goldlust

Tammy is passionate about Yoga! Practicing yoga for over 10 years, yoga has been a transformational journey for Tammy. As a classically trained dancer for over 13 years, Tammy sought yoga as a healing method to repair injuries and create a deeper mind body connection. She enjoys sharing her experiences, love and privilege for movement with students and brings grace, gratitude and humility to each class.

Tammy is a graduate of the Kula Teacher Training Class of 2018 and RYT-200 certified yoga instructor. She provides a friendly environment cultivating awareness and alignment, inviting each student to evolve and elevate movement exploration through intelligent yoga poses. Each class is designed to inspire and support individual growth encouraging union of breath with movement, with deep core emphasis.

Tammy's general schedule: (Mon) 7pm Hot Hatha I-II; 8:30pm Hot Slow Release Flow / (Thur) 5:30pm Hot Hatha / (Sun) 8:30am Hot Hatha I-II

Tiffany Harkes

Tiffany has always had a sense that we are connected to something more. Over 10 years ago, on a whim Tiffany tired her first yoga class with a friend and never looked back. Working in a physically demanding career at the time, Tiffany began to see the positive effects of a strong yoga practice almost immediately. Combined with the deep sense of connection, yoga became an invaluable tool for both physical and spiritual transformation. Through teaching, Tiffany delights in bringing a sense of peace and calm that comes from the extraordinary experience of being deeply connected to not only yourself, but the world.

Tiffany's general schedule: (Mon) 1:30pm Gentle / (Thur) 9:30am Hot Hatha / (Sat) 4:30pm Warm Deep Stretch


Yoga Teacher Trainers

Cynthia Cooperstone

Cynthia Cooperstone has been teaching yoga since 2002 in studio, private, workshop and retreat settings, and has been involved in numerous teacher training programs, including as Director of Kula Annex Yoga Teacher Training since 2015. Following her primary Hatha Yoga certification, she went on to study anatomy and yoga-based therapeutics, meditation and philosophy, and earned her advanced certification from the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. More recently, she has been investigating High Intensity Interval Training and is adding strength, cardio and functional range conditioning to her offerings.

Cynthia’s studies in Literature (BA, MA) and her subsequent career as a writer, editor and communications consultant have contributed to her eloquence and her ability to make accessible and applicable the deep concepts of the rich yoga tradition. Her studio classes are known for their blend of alignment-based asana and philosophy, and her approach honours individual capabilities and perspectives even as it safely invites personal exploration and physical challenge. Her trainings are distinguished by her deep respect for and commitment to her students, for her organized and integrated methodology, and for her unwavering commitment to demonstrating and fostering in her students the concept of service. Cynthia is honoured to direct the inaugural INYE Yoga Teacher Training.

Cynthia is the INYE Yoga Teachers Training Lead Trainer

Ellie Emberley

Ellie started her career in healthcare when she trained as a paramedic in 2006 before switching to the field of massage therapy in 2014. Since then Ellie has discovered her passion for education by working as a teacher for the Canadian Collage of Massage and Hydrotherapy.

After completing a 200 hour Yoga Training program Ellie registered as a yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and began the process of developing anatomy curriculum specific to the yoga community. With curriculum in hand she now teaches in multiple registered yoga school in and around the GTA. Ellie provides an energetic and interactive class where questions are encouraged, and there are many laughs to be had.

Her lessons outline the anatomy of the human body, and how yoga teachers can use the information to provide both a safe and effective environment of practice.Through this work she is looking to further both her own personal yoga practice and yoga communities’ understanding of the human body as a whole.

Ellie is the INYE Yoga Teachers Training Anatomy Trainer

Hali Schwartz

Hali has been immersed in the study and practice of the yoga tradition since we was a child. She spend many of her formative years living in the Himalayas at the International Meditation Institute, studying yoga history, philosophy, yogic scripture, Sanskrit, chanting, meditation and pranayam. Since 1999 she has been teaching all of these aspects of the yoga tradition in various teacher training programs in Toronto where she makes her home, as well as in Europe, India and the Caribbean. Hali is known for delivering the teachings of yoga in a way which is both humorous and accessible, and feels that the most important thing is for the student to feel that they apply yoga philosophy into their every day lives.

Hali is honoured to be a part of INYE yoga teacher training where she gets to be working in collaborating with such an excellent group of core teachers.

Hali is the INYE Yoga Teachers Training Philosophy Trainer


Yoga Outreach Teachers

Gaby Alanes

Gaby believes the greatest teacher is the inner teacher. In cultivating connection with the inner self, one unveils the limitless potential that lives within. With this in mind, Gaby aims to create and hold space for others to experience the most authentic, honest and pure version of themselves through their yoga practice. She completed her 200 YTT with Mula Yoga and has additional certifications in Restorative and Pilates Basics. Gaby is passionate about teaching various types of classes including Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative and Yin.

Gaby provides private Yoga sessions


Yoga Outreach Teachers

Laura Parro

Laura is a graduate of the Inye 200 hour yoga training since June 2021. You will feel her compassion and love for yoga through her sequences and themed classes that will enlighten you on and off your mat.

She will move you at a comfortable pace to allow you to feel the sensations of each pose. Her encouraging and caring affirmations and attention to her students will help you feel safe and at ease.

Laura's general schedule: (Mon) 7:30pm Hatha I w/ Candlelight


Yoga Outreach Teachers

Natasha Maslov

Natasha has been practicing yoga for 20+ years and developed strong personal practice with help of many teachers and mentors. However, only after completing her YTT 200 hours with Inye and becoming a teacher herself, she discovered the joy of sharing her passion with others.
With excessive experience in mentoring, teaching and training in her other work field as a sommelier professional, Natasha brings very deep attention to details and strives to help, understand and make people around her happy.
She is passionate about alignment and her "Hatha 101"classes are deep and focused.

Along with her litter helper, her daughter Sofia, she is an active member of Inye community and passionate student of yoga for life!

Natasha's general schedule: (Thur) 7:30pm Hatha 101


Yoga Outreach Teachers


Guest Teachers

Margo Uma Gal

I have been a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner for the past thirty six years, mostly trained in India and N.M. I was first certified in 1987 by Dr. Vasant Lad in both Albuquerque N.M. & Pune India, and again in 2004 under Dr. Sunil Joshi at Kalidas Sanskrit University in Nagpur India. Working under the guidance of Dr. V. Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute, I helped direct the Pancha Karma program and we began the first Ayuryoga program of its kind in 1987. Later, I opened Yoga Mandir Studio in Santa Fe, where we taught specialty classes in Ayurvedic Yoga, Vedanta & Vipassana Meditation based on spiritual principals.

My yoga training started at Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco in 1983, followed by frequent travels to Pune for Yoga Teachers training with B.K.S. Iyengar. I also assisted in the medical yoga clinic with Dr. K in Pune specializing in pain management & injuries. My apprenticeship with Judith Lasater in early 80”s involved understanding the deep need to bring comfort & ease into restorative therapeutic yoga especially after injury. I continued to specialize in Restorative Yoga & Ayurveda emphasizing the need to focus on breath and deep calm in posture. For over thirty years, I have taught workshops internationally at places such as; The Deepak Chopra Centre, Southwest Yoga Conference, & Lumeria Maui, to name a few.

I am presently involved in a seven year meditation program under the guidance of my Tibetan Buddhist teacher, His Eminence Tai Situpa Rinpoche, one of the most respected Tibetan Buddhist teachers of our time. Thus, I spend five months a year in India between personal retreat and training. Along with a part time private home practise in Burlington Ont, I also teach Ayurvedic Massage & Yoga for Teachers & Massage Therapists internationally.

Uma facilitates the Intro to Ayurveda & Yoga workshop; Ayurveda Consultation

Todd Norian

Todd Norian, E-RYT 500, YACEP, internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, founder of Ashaya Yoga, author of Tantra Yoga: Journey to Unbreakable Wholeness, A Memoir, musician, acharya in Blue Throat Yoga, and a Kripalu Legacy Faculty, teaches classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings both live in-person and online, for students and teachers all over the world. A student of yoga since 1980, Todd brings a depth of inner strength, devotion, vulnerability, and an unapologetic sense of humor to everything he does. Todd seeks to awaken others to their inherent potential for healing and joy by integrating the body, mind, and heart through Ashaya Yoga and meditation.

For more than 28 years, Todd has taught workshops, immersions, and teacher trainings internationally, including the U.S., Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Israel, and Japan, bringing the integration of body, mind, and heart to hundreds of practitioners. From 1996-2001, Todd was certified in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and became a program director, training other therapists. In 1997, he began studying Anusara Yoga. Over the next 15 years, he became a Senior Certified Anusara Teacher and Teacher Trainer, and was introduced to many Tantric scholars, including Douglas Brooks, Paul Muller-Ortega, Bill Mahony, and Sally Kempton.

In the early 2000’s, Todd was a frequent presenter at the prestigious Yoga Journal conferences, the Omega Institute conferences, and on yoga cruises. His band, Shakti Fusion, was chosen to be the house band for one of the Yoga Journal cruises. From 2008-2011, Todd was a featured presenter at the International Yoga Conference in Köln, Germany.

In 2011, Todd was initiated into Neelakantha Meditation, by Tantric scholar Paul Muller-Ortega, founder of Blue Throat Yoga. Todd later became an Acharya (distinguished teacher) and is authorized to impart the teachings and initiate others into this transformational practice.

In 2012, Todd founded Ashaya Yoga®, an alignment-based, heart-centered practice which uses the five elements and the teachings from the Nondual Tantra tradition to build strength and flexibility while giving students access to a universe of power within. He is a guest teacher at many renowned spiritual centers and conferences including Kripalu Center, Omega Institute, Esalen, and the Toronto Yoga Show. As a classically trained jazz musician, Todd created several music albums for yoga and relaxation, including the world-renowned Bija: Soothing Music and Mantras for Yoga and Meditation.

Todd facilitates the Yoga for Happiness Workshop

Hae Kwan Sunim

Hae Kwang Sunim started training at the age of 18 in Thailand. He took full seminary and temple training in S. Korea, with graduated ordinations (including Bhikkhu ordination) under Patriarch Kun Sunim.

​He spent over 25 years distilling the Inner Peace Qigong (IPQ), deepest and hardest to grasp teachings, into a simplified language so it can be taught and effectively applied directly in daily life. In 2005 (2549), the 19th Headquarters in Korea appointed Venerable Hae Kwang Sunim as Director of Bo Kwang Zen Center Palm Springs, U.S.A. In 2013, the Western Bhikkhus Council nominated Hae Kwang Sunim 교구장 Kyo Goo Jahng of all American-European Temples (closest English translation: North American-European Oversight Head / Bishop / Director).

​Hae Kwang Sunim drew from the most effective mind-body teachings he acquired from studying under different teachers in the East, including the teachings of Wat Bua Luang in Thailand. Part of the methodology is based on the ancient Eastern principles of Hai Palung (Energy Healing), Mind-Body Healing Qigong, Pon Klie Kwan Sow (Emotional Release), Meditation, Food-Based Healing and the importance of compassion, gratitude, oneness, outreach and the need to support the whole person holistically — Body, Mind and Spirit.

Sunim facilitates the Inner Peace Qigong Workshop

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