Trainings & Programs

3 days 2 nights

 Serenity Retreat 

<SOLD OUT> June 24-26 Inye is excited to host our first yoga retreat at the beautiful Harmony Dawn. An opportunity to move away from the constant hum of everyday life. Serenity retreat is a practice for you to be surrounded by stillness, eat healthy food, practice yoga , and self-inquiry.


3 days 2 nights

 Silent Retreat 

July 29-31 The duration of this retreat is entirely silent, besides the sharing circle at the beginning & end of our time together. It is a time to be with yourself and nature, no need to converse and no one to impress, but to make silent transaction with the elements.


1.5 hrs

 Explore Asana Workshop 

"Explore Asana" workshop series explore various Yoga postures in great detail. We will learn about the foundational aspects, safe alignment, modifications and variations, as well as the use of props to open and support your body in the classic expression.



 New Moon Yoga Nidra 

We begin the session with a ritual to cleanse our space and honour the directions and elements. We then move into a space of meditative self-inquiry, related to the New Moon in Aries. This will be followed by a deep Yoga Nidra practice in a restorative yoga pose


9 months

 Yoga Teachers Training 

INYE Yoga Teacher Training is for individuals to recognize the indivisible nature of all. Working from the physical to the subtle, it is a transformative journey for all who wish to learn about Life through Yoga.



 Reiki First Degree Training 

Everything is energy, regardless of its form or state. Reiki - First Degree invites you to discover the energetic centres & subtle flow within and around us, and exercise the principles of intuition.



 Reiki Second Degree Training 

Reiki Second Degree compounds the knowledge of self healing, and you begin to learn methods in tapping into and manipulating energy flow through various sacred Reiki Symbols.



 A Hypnotherapy Journey 

Hypnotherapy is a potent therapeutic practice. It opens the gateway (Critical Factor of the Conscious Mind) to the subconscious & unconscious mind layers, making beneficial changes to the "organic computer", and to let go of restrictions with which we subconsciously defined ourselves.

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    "What a wonderful experience at INYE YOGA! Eddee was a wonderful guide as he led a small group of students through Reiki level 1. The studio is clean and welcoming, as are the staff. The quality of teaching and sharing is fantastic and well thought out. You leave feeling embraced!"

- Jennifer K.