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Trainings & Programs

2 hrs

Restorative & Sound Healing Journey

Sound and Restorative is a beautiful pairing. Restorative yoga releases tension, cultivates more space, softens the edges we experience in ourselves and life, and opens up new energy to invigorate us. Sound Healing allows us to sink into a higher frequency. The mind and body surrenders into the vibration. Enjoy the exquisite sounds of singing bowls, tuning forks and more.


2 hrs

New Year's Eve of Relaxation

We invite you into a space of deep rest as you release 2023 and move into 2024 with a clear intention.

Join Eddee & Shanine in a supportive space where you can reflect and release 2023 and be held in restorative poses to nourish the body, mind and soul. We will follow with a Sankalpa Yoga Nidra practice, creating a clear vision for the new year.

A beautiful sound journey with crystal bowls by Preeti Berar will carry you deep into the healing frequency and move your intentions into a higher frequency - a proclamation to Self and the Universe of your life path.


10hrs total

Yoga for Happiness

Yoga for Happiness is for YOU if you desire to…
- Elevate your happiness.
- Awaken your potential for unlimited joy.
- Take your yoga practice to whole new depths.
- Feel strong, confident, peaceful, and openhearted.
- Tap into the infinite source of wisdom and healing within.
- Integrate your body, mind, and heart through powerful yogic practices.

What’s Included:

Receive expert instruction in Alignment-Based Asanas for Strength and Flexibility,

Chanting, Pranayama (breathwork), Meditation, Mantras, Inspirational Heart-Centred Tantric Teachings, Profound Yoga Nidra relaxation, all within a supportive and loving community of Heart Followers, and More!

New to Yoga? New to Studio?

Follow three simple steps to get you started for practices! Learn what you need to prepare, and classes suitable for your experience. Check out our Introductory promotion, as well as Welcome Back promotion for returning members.

    "I'm so thankful for your time in planning the retreat. I have been practicing yoga for more than fourteen years and it has been an amazing journey.


I always wanted to try a silent retreat, but I was always holding back. It was the most amazing experience, I didn't expect anything and I was open to try by trusting in the yoga gifts that this practice offers, the yoga teacher Eddee and Shanine. I was surprised to acknowledge during the retreat that deep down I have some resistance to open my heart completely and trust, feel safe and protected. Words that I have to repeat to myself over and over and with the guidance of Eddee and Shanine I open my heart completely and trust them, the Universe, earth, water, fire and air. I also have the opportunity to heal with their guide and the introduction of the flower's love. Love that I didn't know existed before.  All together with their guide healed me, brought me back home, enriched my relationship with myself, feeling the love of my sister and Mother that passed away, resolving and finding the love lesson behind my old buried deep resentments with loved ones. Learn to communicate with other yogis silently, feel nature, taste vegetarian dishes which are delicious and I want to become vegetarian! with all honestly feeling great from inside out, meditation. The blessings and experience gained from this silent retreat are endless to mention all. I'm happy to be part of the Inye community, open myself to participate in the silent retreat and am looking forward to my next yoga practice at Inye yoga."

- Elsa P.

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