Hypnotherapy opens the gateway to the subconscious mind, making beneficial changes to the "organic computer", to let go of restrictions with which we subconsciously define ourselves. In Inye Yoga, hypnotherapy is offered as private session and group meditation workshop (Pathway to Light).


The by-pass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and establishment of acceptable selective thinking.

When an individual is in hypnosis and hears a suggestion, the person must take one of the four mental attitudes about that suggestion. Which mental attitude the person takes will determine whether the suggestion is accepted or rejected.


Mental Attitude #1:

"I like the suggestion, I know it is going to work for me.”


Mental Attitude #2:

"I am uncomfortable with the suggestion, It just doesn’t fit me.”


Mental Attitude #3:

"I feel neutral about the suggestion. I don’t care if I get it or don’t get it.”


Mental Attitude #4:

"I like the suggestion, I hope it will work / I will try to make it work."

The only mental attitude that will cause the suggestion to be accepted is #1. It opens up the subconscious mind and the gateway of critical factor, so the new programming can replace the old one, which no longer works. I will also repeat it often before and during the session.

Hypnotherapy Testimonial

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Mind Model Diagram Pretalk

Hypnotherapy explains our mind as three very separate and distinct layers, each with very different functions, resulting in unique human expressions. Please listen to the pretalk inside to explore each layer of the mind, and how to make powerful and positive changes.



Hypnotherapy is a potent therapeutic practice. Different from its stage counterpart, each well placed suggestion is designed to benefit physical and emotional well being. We always think that everything we ever lived through is either forgotten or retained in the form of a memory. As a matter of fact, it is there; It is part of us every moment of every day. We live our life in the light of reflected action, the things we used to do we are still doing in our mind. And the things we do, we will still be doing it in the future.


It is with paramount importance to deal with the ISE (initial sensitizing event), which is the root cause of many non-organic dis-eases. Through hypnotherapy, we will be able to visit these events and promote physical, emotional and behavioural healing.


Many can benefit from hypnotherapy, it is not exclusively about healing from traumatic events. The sessions can also focus on:


  • insomnia

  • pain control

  • fear/phobia removal

  • memory enhancement

  • stuttering

  • revisit events

  • quit smoking

  • self confidence

  • weight lose

  • physical healing

  • emotional healing

  • personality detox

  • self hypnosis

  • Ultraheight


$100 per *session (TBD on location and travel time). 

*Each session ranges from 1-2hrs, and may require multiple sessions depends on the request.


The Light Switch is an energetic switch deep in the client's subconscious mind. It contains many powerful usages, including (not exclusively) shuts down pain receptors and promotes physical healing, by connecting with the body's muscular and nervous systems. Also you can turn it on or off at will. 

This powerful healing modality can also be used to treat insomnia, rapid stress relief, and an essential part for self-hypnosis.


A recording for deepening is included in the session package.



$100 per session (TBD on location and travel time). 


Group hypnotherapy can reduce stress and anxiety, especially in a workplace. It quiets the mind in a world which demands rapid information exchange. Additional suggestions such as enhanced learning & focus can be added by request.  Group size is unlimited, providing each instruction can be heard clearly by all participants.




Hypnotherapy group- $100-$120 per session (TBD on location and travel time). Number of participants is unlimited.


Session times are based on group's needs.


All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. However, instead of charting unknown territories on your own, I will lay down the path with you, so you may walk the path of self-hypnosis, and reap the many great benefits. Using step by step methods, and a dedicated daily practice, you can give yourself any number of suggestions and unlock your true potential.


The learning of self-hypnosis comes with the installation of the 'light switch" as the first step, and a recording for deepening as part of the session package.




$100 per session (TBD on location and travel time). 

$45-$65 (if the light switch suggestion has been placed previously)


Gerald Kein (1939-2017), founder of Omni Hypnosis, and my great teacher. Here I pay my homage to the true master for Hypnosis, you are deeply missed.

Dion Fortune

Whose loves, however dim may be his concept of Love, is manifesting a unification and unification is the goal of evolution.