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Yoga + Hypnotherapy studio

Inye Yoga, this beautiful space has been serving community since 2003, is a bright and spacious studio offering 47 yoga practices per week (in-studio & virtual interactive hybrid), workshops, community classes and specialized trainings. Our yoga practices include alignment based Hatha Yoga (levels 1, 2), Vinyasa, deep stretch, yoga Strong, restorative, gentle, yin meditation, and HypnoYoga, with teachers devoted to a life-long practice of study and personal growth. Our intention is to honour the individual needs in each student’s practice to support a life of joy.

While Hatha Yoga focuses on the physical and energetic side of Yoga, INYE hypnotherapy addresses the subtle mindscape of the subconscious. The world is filled with suggestions of all kinds, some good, some not so much. Hypnotherapy's ultimate reach is to “de-hypnotize” you, so you may express the full capability of human potential.

This is a sacred space for healing, and a second home for many. Both Yoga & Hypnotherapy are powerful systems for change, however, It is always up to you to make it a permanent reality!

Cool things about INYE