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Yoga + Hypnotherapy studio

Inye Yoga, this beautiful space has been serving community since 2003, is a bright and spacious studio offering 49 yoga practices per week (in-studio & virtual interactive hybrid), workshops, community classes and specialized trainings. Our yoga practices include alignment based Hatha Yoga (levels 1, 2), Vinyasa, deep stretch, yoga Strong, restorative, gentle, yin meditation, and HypnoYoga, with teachers devoted to a life-long practice of study and personal growth. Our intention is to honour the individual needs in each student’s practice to support a life of joy.

While Hatha Yoga focuses on the physical and energetic side of Yoga, INYE hypnotherapy addresses the subtle mindscape of the subconscious. The world is filled with suggestions of all kinds, some good, some not so much. Hypnotherapy's ultimate reach is to “de-hypnotize” you, so you may express the full capability of human potential.

This is a sacred space for healing, and a second home for many. Both Yoga & Hypnotherapy are powerful systems for change, however, It is always up to you to make it a permanent reality!

Cool things about INYE

    "At Inye you will be welcomed by a warm and mindful community. You will find classes to challenge you and classes to soothe you. The quality of teaching is excellent! I have practiced in this beautiful space for years. The virtual classes are also warm and welcoming."

- Tracy S. P.

studio space

Studio space

We work to be as intentioned as possible when we designed our space. Some of our choices include the following.


We chose cork floors for our studio for many reasons. From an environmental perspective, cork floors do not damage trees. Cork is a natural, sustainable product that is produced from tree bark. From a health perspective, cork is as a natural shock absorber (think Birkenstocks!) and it contains anti-microbes that prevent bacteria from entering the floor.


We use radiant heat panels to warm our hot studio to the desired temperature. Radiant panels warm objects, (i.e. yoga students) directly rather than the entire studio, reducing energy consumption up to forty percent.


The studio is cleaned exclusively with environmentally friendly products, which are hypo-allergenic and contain no perfumes, roleum-base solvents, which produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Once in the atmosphere, VOCs react with other chemicals to form ozone, a major pollutant. We use a VOC-free paint product that has virtually no odour or solvents, and it will not result in adverse affects on people or the quality of environment. Since we focus on breathing deeply at Inye, this choice was a must for optimal health. 

All of our garbage bags & gloves are also bio degradable, every little bit helps.


Our change rooms are equipped with three-stage alkaline water filtration systems, reducing the need for bottled water. For those who do not have reusable bottles, we have found, Flow, a bottled water company that uses compostable bottles for their water.


Saves gallons and gallons of water with each flush!


We use LED light bulbs wherever possible in our lighting at the studio (In the change rooms we have some florescent lighting).  Besides being 80% efficient (in comparison to incandescent bulbs which are only 20% efficient), LED bulbs last up to 22 years each, do not contain toxic chemicals and are recyclable.


"Atha yoganushasanam" - Now the practice of Yoga Begins"​, is the first line from the Yoga Sutra. This is the time when we focus on the true practice of Yoga, the mind & true Self. Hatha Yoga, is a technology to unify what is You with the Cosmos through physical postures & breath (pranayama).

The word "Hatha" is driven from "Ha", the Sun, and "Tha", the Moon. The nature of the Hatha Yoga is to connect with our original "Father" & "Mother", to realize the true essence of Life itself.

These Yoga postures (Yoga Asana) are unique systems to align your physical body with control of breath & mind. When you are in full control of all aspects of body, energy and mind, you have the power to liberate & shape your destiny.

All INYE teachers are honoured to facilitate daily practices for our dedicated sangha (community).

Each INYE teacher has a unique perspective to Yoga, and expression through their practices. The concept of "Seva (service)" is what we all bring to this dedicated community, to support vibrant living and connection to life.


Eddee is the studio director of Inye Yoga. His invitation to all students is to experience and deepen their connections to the physical, energetic, mental, and the subtle bodies through Yoga...

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Joanne teaches a dynamic class infused with intelligence and creativity.  She skillfully weaves the biomechanics of postures with inspired expression, inviting deeper awareness on and off the mat...

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 Shanine Dennill 

Shanine was introduced to yoga while studying massage therapy in 1999 (in South Africa). It wasn't until she came to Canada in 2001 that she fell deeply in love with it...

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New to Yoga? New to Studio?

Follow three simple steps to get you started for practices! Learn what you need to prepare, and classes suitable for your experience. Check out our Introductory promotion, as well as Welcome Back promotion for returning members.


Today's classes


Classes starting at $8

Various pricing including memberships, virtual only pricing, class pass packages, introductory promotions and Yoga Outreach Initiatives pricing.


Hypnotherapy Methodology

Learn the science behind hypnotherapy, the mental principles for receptivity, and various applications for this potent practice.

    "Inye is a wonderful experience for new beginner yogis or well practiced yogis. It is very community biased. It has professional and approachable instructors. The rooms are brightly lit and theme decorated. I find it to be very clean and have hand sanitization stations."

- Bonnie K.

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