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Real Definition of Beauty

When someone or something has been recognized as beautiful, most people immediately assume it is the physical attribute of the subject, instead of their inner possessed quality. Physical beauty has become a staple of higher standard living or being, regardless of its individual subjectivity or volatility, and it varies between regions and time.

This identification with beauty (or lack there of) has also been expanded to nations and cultures, and often describe the inhabitants that shared proximal geographical space. It can assign a range of emotional spectrum from high national / racial pride to deep shame, simply by belonging to a specific group or region.

Human history is filled with conquerors who believed themselves to belong to a higher culture or economic standing, waged war toward those they perceived as inferior. Their reason was often glorified as benevolent, or divinely transpired, to rescue others from deplorable conditions. At the same time, it proclaimed false ideology and punitive judgements to the general populace to establish a division through fear of being inferior. The same can also happen at an individual level, where persons identified with high moral standing feel justified to impose their values on others. At the same time, they are mocking how savage others are.

This is NOT human nature, but SYMPTOMS generated by falsely identifying with the physical, mental and external world. Just like you would not diagnose any ailments as "variations of health”, false identification is a manifestation of unconscious deficiency.

So what is true Beauty? Yoga has described it as “Satyam (truth and reality), Shivam (divine), Sundanum (inner beauty)”.

Satyam (truth & reality) -

There is only ONE reality. It describes all creations and dimensions objectively, it transacts & interacts with the five elemental forces; Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Ether. It is universally harmoniously maintained. When we are in a state of inner peace and content, the doorway to the true reality opens, and we can witness its inclusive beauty.

The falsehood of reality generates through the mind by comparing, judging, or drawing incorrect conclusions. When you are concrete in your opinion, multiple fantasies are created. They will inevitably feed and clash with each other, ignoring the truth of fundamental balance.

Shivam (divine) -

Divine is a term to address cosmic forces such as the power of creation, inter planetary influences, or super consciousness such as liberation or time. Many cultures anthropomorphize these forces, so people can project and expand their inward journey through a recognizable form.

When we realize the world is functioning through a force greater and more organized than our own mind, we open the doorway to seek union through Yoga.

Sundanum (inner beauty) -

Have you seen any ugly smiling faces? When a person's inner joy shines through, like the fragrance of a flower, it radiates to everyone and everything around them. The term “when you smile, the world smiles with you” describes just that!

To stay peaceful and joyful takes realization. It is a maintained inner state, and is not fuelled or diminished by the external situations or people, regardless of the constant change of the surroundings.

When you allow Truth, Divine, and Inner Beauty to be authentically established within you, your life will emanate full health & beauty!


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