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Hypnotherapy pretalk


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Hypnotherapy Pretalk

Hypnotherapy Pretalk

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New to Yoga? New to studio?

Follow three simple steps to get you started for practices! Learn what you need to prepare, and classes suitable for your experience. Check out our Introductory promotion, as well as Welcome Back promotion for returning members.

INYE HypnoYoga

HypnoYoga is a First in the World, evolved from Eddee's Hypnotherapy case studies with Yogic science. Both lineages walk similar path to remove illusions and false associations, HypnoYoga combines the openness of Restorative Yoga postures with the relaxation of hypnosis. 


While the physical body goes into a deep relaxation state, we work with the subconscious mental layer with masterfully crafted, beneficial suggestions. Each class takes you on a journey of self discovery & healing, to dispel beliefs which no longer serve you. Together we will plant seeds in the deepest part of your awareness, and cultivate fertile ground for it to flourish.

Below is a preview from our HypnoYoga practice (~7min):