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Access Media library

Here are the steps on how a Standard and Virtual Only Membership holder can access our Virtual Library via MindBody through desktop platform:

1) Sign in to your Mindbody Account. You can access it through the SCHEDULE -> INYE Online Store and choose "Media" in the selection (Visible only to a Membership holder). Purchase the Media Access (Member only) at $0.00.

2) Once the Pricing Option has been purchased and confirmed, click on the "Media" tab. A portal will auto open through your browser. If not, click on the link and the portal should launch. Please enable pop-up on your web browser for the INYE website.

3) Copy the Passcode (updates monthly), and launch the library with the button.

4) A gateway will open requesting passcode. Please paste the code to enter the Media library.

5) Enjoy all available classes within the INYE Media Library!

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    "I’ve been to different yoga studios but never found a place like INYE yoga. I always feel calm and welcomed at this studio. I’ve been following Eddee for my practices, his classes are systematic and the pace is perfect. He is an awesome yoga instructor. Thanks for offering virtual classes for us to continue the practice during the pandemics."

- Karen C.

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