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Path to Liberate Karma

One can never know what one had not experienced in life; the best imagination can only be an exaggeration of past memories. While memory is the foundation of Karma, it can be both empowering and binding at the same time.

Evolution is rooted in memories. Simple atoms find their way to more complex organizations. Through genetic codes everything slowly adapts to its surroundings by inviting beneficial scenarios, and protects from and avoids anything detrimental.

However, memories can also bring upon cyclical times. When one is caught in the past, by possessing a strong sense of identity, one becomes less available to the present. When every living moment resonates strongly with past memories, ie. trauma, injuries, pride, or guilt etc, these entanglements will manifest frictions and dis-ease in life.

How does one liberate from the effects of memories? One of the great benefits of daily Yogic practice is alleviating compulsive reactions. By elevating overall sensitivities to the layers of the body, one can be aware of subtler fluctuation and work on it. That’s why high performing athletes often possess a heightened state of calmness & vibrance.

Another important way is to seek out new perspectives. Whether though other people’s experiences, or being inspired by books and learning. Today (Sept 26th) marks the first of the nine days of Navaratri, a festival which celebrates the Goddess of learning & transcendence (Saraswati or Sharda). Be open to any and all new possibilities, and be joyful in the process!

Inye is a dedicated Yoga sangha (community) with many long-standing practitioners. We have a wide variety of trainings & practices for everyone, no matter their state of spiritual progression.

We invite practitioners of all levels to join us, regardless of where you are in the world. Home is where the OM is.


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