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Love Letter - "My Yoga Journey" from our member Nada

Some years ago, I was struck with every woman's nightmare - breast cancer.

I was shocked! Why me? What now? Usual questions popped up… I saw my world sinking, caught myself panicking, worrying...One day, while walking on a lunch break, I tripped over the ‘Vitality’ magazine. Honestly, I was never interested in this kind of paper before. But, on this day I picked it up and started reading. The magazine talked of the benefits of healthy foods and yoga – topics I never really paid attention to. From there on, everything had changed for me. I drastically turned my diet upside down, becoming strictly vegan. From being inactive for years, I switched to regular exercise. And, I started questioning my life…was I taking everything for granted so far?

Instead of going the conventional way, I decided to explore natural and homeopathic therapies. After a short while, this exploration brought me to yoga. I was simply curious in the beginning. Shortly after, things started changing. I fell in love with yoga. What a revelation!!!

If I have not gone on this path, I would have never discovered this beautiful discipline. Yoga is not just a practice - it is a way of living.

I started noticing how my body was changing, becoming more flexible, rejuvenating. I could stretch and bend in a way that I could not imagine it would be possible when I was even much younger. The physical exercise was great, yet, I began to understand that yoga was more than just that. Something was missing and I started exploring on my own. I went deeper into yoga philosophy going through numerous books and the readings made me feel so thrilled. I found the treasure that yoga offers and the science of life behind it.

At last, I have realized that my body and spirit greatly benefited from years of practicing yoga on a regular basis. I have become physically stronger and fitter and have refined my behavior, thinking, and acting. I have been living my life as each day and each breath is my very last. Now I know that we do not need to have fears, that we are not the body, we are not even the mind. We are here, only for the journey of learning.

Thanks to these magical series of events I have chosen this noble path, which every human being should be following. Yoga is my anchor to life and the greatest teacher of all!

My evolution would not be unfolding successfully without Inye yoga studio. I feel tremendous gratitude to the space and the amazing instructors. Every time I am at the door, I feel like home. Eddee’s beaming smile and a bright heart always welcomes all of us, ready to give love to every single individual entering the studio. My well-being significantly improved from his hypnosis coaching and restorative healing sessions. Every single teacher provides exceptionally supportive and compassionate education, while creating a caring environment in class.

My gratefulness would not be complete without mentioning remarkable mentors who generously transferred their knowledge and practices of yoga to me and other students who recently graduated from Inye Yoga Teachers Training. I greatly benefited from this training, not only to learn how to become a yoga teacher, but to broaden my own understanding of yoga science. Insightful Hali, with her philosophy teaching broadened my understanding of existence and reality, extraordinary Cynthia helped me align my body and mind even further, expert in anatomy Tracey thought me how to sense and recognize each part of my body.

Without all of you, I would not have reached this level of existence. I give you all a giant hug and a lot of love from my ever-expanding soul.

Love to all beings! 💗


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