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Love letter from our member - Laurie Grinton!

Laurie Grinton
How eddee's classes helped to prepare me for my hike around Mont Blanc.

Years ago, I was a marathon runner and also training in karate.  I injured myself during my black belt test and started physiotherapy.  After a number of months, the physio was having limited effects and my therapist suggested that I try yoga.  All of the pounding on my joints over the years had taken its toll.

After my first class, I was hooked.  Yoga was just what I needed and it has been what I always come back to year after year.  I believe that I joined Kula in 2010 and it has helped me to find grounding, patience and balance over the years.  I love that I can listen to my body each day and practice exactly what I need that day. 

Yoga also compliments the other activities I enjoy.  My friend and I like to hike and we have been hiking the Bruce Trail for a few years.  We like to hike in Europe in the summer and this year we have taken on the Tour de Mont Blanc, which is a 170km trek around one of the largest mountains in the Alps.

Yoga has helped me to prepare for this in many ways.  Trish's abs work has really helped and Eddee's hip opening classes has also been especially useful.  I have also learned breathing exercises that have helped to deal with the altitude change and the ability to quiet my mind when the going is really tough.

The fact that I am here and injury free is a gift of well being that I am very grateful for. I have done better tree poses over the years but this one is the most meaningful.



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