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INYE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING - Begins Sept 11th, 2020

The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is appropriate for anyone who would like to deepen their personal yoga practice, cultivate greater self-awareness, and learn the art of effective and inspirational teaching.  The curriculum emphasizes the development of an insightful and intelligent practice that is rooted in alignment and connection to Self and others. The program is designed to help individuals grow and evolve as students of the yoga life and as an individuals. Inye’s  200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is highly regarded as one of Toronto’s most comprehensive Teacher Training Programs. More than 250 teachers have entered our program since its inception in 2008 (formerly known Kula Yoga, Oakville) and emerged as confident and talented teachers and students of life.

We pride ourselves on providing an approachable atmosphere built on a strong community culture and a high standard of education. The only program prerequisites are that  students have a developed and dedicated yoga practice, and a willingness to connect deeply and to explore with an open heart!


  • A curriculum that emphasizes a comprehensive body of knowledge, skills and individual learning and teaching styles .

  • Reviewed as Oakville’s leading Yoga Teacher Training Program.

  • Nationally and internationally renowned teachers.

  • A new and improved teacher training manual including descriptions and analysis of all 27 principal asanas.

  • The opportunity to teach at Inye Yoga Studio through Community Classes.

  • A tightly-knit, inclusive community to embrace and support students during and well beyond the program.

  • Flexible learning platforms: INYE YTT can be attended both in-studio (encouraged), and/or virtually via the ZOOM platform.

To apply, please take a moment to fill up the Application form, so we can get to learn more about you and your journey thus far: Application Form To submit an application or to discuss the program please email: ​If you’d like more information about INYE Yoga Teacher Training, after watching our video presentation, we would be happy to answer your questions. Please email or contact the INYE studio 905.829.3443.


The Teacher Training group meets once per month on Thursday evenings, and  one weekend (Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday) a month for the duration of nine months.


Thursdays, 7pm-10pm

  • Sept 24th 

  • Oct 29th

  • Nov 26th

  • Dec 17th

  • Jan 21st

  • Feb 18th

  • March 25th

  • Apr 22nd

  • May 13th


Friday 7pm-10pm

Sat 10am-6:00pm(w/ 1.5hr lunch)

Sun 10am-6:00pm(w/ 1.5hr lunch)

  • Sept 11th-13th

  • Oct 16th-18th

  • Nov 13th-15th

  • Dec 11th-13th

  • Jan 8th-10th

  • Feb 5th-7th

  • Mar 6th-8th

  • Apr 9th-11th

  • May 1st-3rd

  • June 4th-6th

In order to obtain certification, 80% attendance is required and no more than one weekend may be missed. Students will need to designate time to projects and out-of class practice and assignments.


$3,300 +hst (instalment options available)

$500+hst ($565) for the registration deposit, which is put towards tuition balance. 

Students receive Unlimited Yoga Classe Pass upon registration and payment of their deposit for the program. We want you to practice as frequently as possible, and discover your own body as you walk the yogic path.


Inye is a Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training School. Upon graduation students are eligible for a Yoga Alliance certificate.


“Awww!”  That’s how I can describe my YTT INYE experience.  Amazing!  I am so grateful and happy for the opportunity to learn, grow and immerse further in the vast field of yoga.  

Really enjoyed the journey during the last 9 months!  Love the way all teachers uniquely shared and transferred  knowledge - super passionate and supportive, embodying yoga and serving their students.   It is inspiring and contagious. Learned so much from the teachers and also other students.

INYE YTT is training for a lifetime. In addition to proving a solid foundation of a yoga teacher career and deepening my personal practice the YTT broadened my spiritual connection and awareness, allowing me to tap into the knowledge within, to reconnect with my inner soul.

Thank you for  supporting me on my yoga journey.  I am blessed to be connected to the INYE community.


Inye’s teacher training program was truly a gift and a wonderful experience. I first went to Inye 9 months ago, immediately fell in love with the space and the vibe. Knowing there's a YTT coming up, I signed up right away without hesitation. This course itself was fantastic with very knowledgeable and supportive teachers. In the beginning of the program, my intention was just to deepen my own practice but 9 months later I ended up gaining so much more, a great solid foundation for yoga, confident in teaching, a group of supportive yogis/teachers and a complete new perspective for yoga. Eddee said to us towards the end of the program “we don’t inhale the light and exhale the darkness, instead we inhale the darkness and exhale the light, we as teachers are here to serve and transform”, this is the exact reason why I want to be a yoga teacher :) BIG THANKS to our teachers Eddee, Cynthia, Kelsey, Hali & Tracey, you are all lights on my yoga path. To all the yogis that walked this journey together with me... the last bit of our program was done virtually because of covid, we may feel apart sometimes but deep down we all know we are so connected and we are one. This is a new beginning for us and we will continue to support one another! INYE YTT is the best decision I have ever made!  


I am so thankful I signed up for YTT at Inye and no where else. It’s been such an amazing journey and the teaching, support and inspiration we had from all the YTT faculty was bar none! Cynthia and Eddee are the kind of teachers I want to be.


My gratefulness would not be complete without mentioning remarkable mentors who generously transferred their knowledge and practices of yoga to me and other students who recently graduated from Inye Yoga Teachers Training. I greatly benefited from this training, not only to learn how to become a yoga teacher, but to broaden my own understanding of yoga science. Insightful Hali, with her philosophy teaching broadened my understanding of existence and reality, extraordinary Cynthia helped me align my body and mind even further, expert in anatomy Tracey thought me how to sense and recognize each part of my body.

Without all of you, I would not have reached this level of existence. I give you all a giant hug and a lot of love from my ever-expanding soul.


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