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Important: INYE Price Update on June 1st

INYE is a tranquil Yoga centre which gathers hundreds of generous and dedicated members. Eddee and our teachers hold the sacred door of Yoga open for every practitioner here, so each can embark on their personal journey of spiritual discovery.

It is our aim to make the technology of Yoga available and accessible to everyone. We are constantly developing potent practices: from vibrant classes such as advanced Hatha Yoga, to calm Soothing Stretch; to Master the Mind with high vibration Mantra Meditation and the transformative HypnoYoga. The variety of programs offered here at INYE are authentic and expansive.

INYE needs your help! We had held our prices unchanged for many years, focusing on transforming as many lives as we can. However, due to the rising operating costs, we unfortunately need to adjust our pricing structure, effective June 1st, 2024.

We appreciate your continuing patronage! All current Standard Membership holders (and those who join prior to June 1st) will receive Loyalty Pricing.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge of wellbeing with you all.


Savings Tips

There are a few economical tips:

Membership holders

  • Purchase 3 months / 6 months / annual membership option before June 1st

  • If you are currently on the Membership Special from the Kula period, the membership will automatically be updated to the new loyalty pricing on June 1st, 2024

Currently on Intro Special / We Miss You Promo

  • Join INYE Standard Membership post dated to receive loyalty pricing before June 1st. Please contact our receptionist or email us at

Class Pass holders

  • Purchase multiple Blooming Sale packages (valid for 4 months). The first day starts from the first attendance of the class pass package.


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