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Dearest INYE family & friends,

   Summer shifts to Autumn, the blessing of heat and warm breezes already feels like a memory. INYE has also transitioned all the way to Phase 3, welcoming our members to rejoin in-studio Yoga practices.

For the staff & myself, and many of our members, coming back to the studio meant returning to our second home. We had witnessed smiles and laughter, joyful tears and deep release. This is Yoga, a way of living among a dedicated community; this is “exhale”.

This is also a time for growth, and for learning what serves the community in a healthy and safe environment.

The studio space goes through a sanitization / reset procedure between each class, as well as having a professional decontamination service once a week. We take the health of our community very seriously, to protect everyone who enters INYE. 

All in-studio classes (Hot/Warm/Regular temperature) are also available virtually through ZOOM. We continue to improve our technology, allowing teachers to see you through a large screen, providing verbal adjustments when necessary.

You are among friends, and you do not have to walk this path alone. All are welcome.

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