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INYE Reopening Upgrades

Dearest INYE family,

On this coming Monday, January 31st, we will be opening our doors again for in-studio practices!

I am delighted to see so many of you have continued practicing Yoga virtually with us, even those who normally practiced exclusively in studio. You did it to uphold your own physical vitality, energetic harmony and mental clarity.

We are excited to see many of you back in person, and we continue to evolve our community outreach with new improvements and powerful programs (see below)!

1) A brand new INYE website! As you can see when arriving on this new design, the information on our website is more organized and interactive. Hear what a professional web developer says (really!):

"... let me mention that I like the way your site looks and feels! There are a lot of call-to-action buttons that help your site visitors easily find the necessary info and at the same time engage with your site more. I love that you present a lot of information about the studio and the sessions on your site, and it's done in an interactive way!" A huge shoutout to our insightful and talented INYE member Nick, thank you for collaborating with me!

2) Community Q&A Video section (Media) This section is dedicated to INYE members, to answer your questions and address introspections rising from your Yoga practice. These answers could also benefit others that had similar experience, so we can learn and evolve together as a group. You can ask be about Yoga postures, passages from books read in class, or Yogic culture /science. INYE teachers will make a short video or post answer onto the Love Letters. Take a moment to check them out HERE!

3) New multi-function contact form Besides simple message relaying, new functions are build in to:

  • Submit Community Q&A questions

  • Administration / Account management topics

  • Request private (Yoga/ hypnotherapy / Nidra) sessions from our INYE teachers!

4) A Community Library

Yogic knowledge is best when shared. We have placed many Yoga books in the studio, so we can benefit from the wisdom within.

We encourage you to read them in the studio, before or after class, and stay for awhile! You can read in the lobby, or spread out in the Moon Lodge in its silent ambience.

Please be gentle with the pages, no folding/marking please, so everyone can enjoy them for as long as possible.

If you have books you like to add and/or exchange , please consider contributing to this community library!

5) Equipment upgrades We continue to invest in new equipment to provide best virtual experience with clear images & superb sound quality! This is one of our latest upgrades, Logitech Brio pro, a top 4K webcam. We also have obtained a Sony ZV-1 Vlog camera with 4K recording for our new Community Q&A section!

Class Pass holders:

  • Freedom Pack Promotion: 7 class pass for $88+hst will continue to be offered until Ontario exits the lockdown.

  • If your situation did not allow virtual practice, additional time will be added to your passes. Please contact us when you are ready to return.

All Membership holders (Monthly / Three Months Unlimited / Six Months Unlimited / Annual):

  • If you have requested Open Hold for your membership, please reach out and we will reactivate your membership.

  • A gentle reminder for members that switched to Virtual Only Membership during the recent lockdown, please email “" to switch back to Standard Membership.

Programs & workshops will slowly be reintroduced back to the studio as the operation in studio stabilizes! We are here to support each other. The INYE community has proven time and time again our wisdom, generosity & strength, and we will navigate this as smoothly as possible. All blessings to you, eddee


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