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INYE January Studio News - FAQ

Dearest INYE family,

New Year's greetings 🙏Premier Ford has once again announced a province wide lockdown starting January 5th, 2022, lasting for potentially 28 days. No doubt, to some this repeating cycle weights heavily on their mind, but the only way to free ourselves from the cyclical nature is also from within. Even though we might not see each other in person, it is of utmost importance to keep up the Yoga practice. Majority of the community members continue to practice with us virtually. It is not only beneficial physically, maintaining a limber and pain-free body; the practice brings mental clarity, so we can be free from our psychological chatters and dramas. Starting January 5th (inclusive), all INYE classes will be offered virtually only. Existing in-studio sign ins will be transferred to the virtual class. Please sign into Mindbody and check your scheduled classes. If you can’t attend virtually for any reason, please cancel your attendance. Thank you for your understanding.

We continue to be in service of the community:

  • All in-studio classes will be dormant starting January 5th, 2022, until the province re-opens.

  • All virtual classes will continue to be active without interruption. As you have experienced or seen in class, our image & sound quality is superb! We have just upgraded our hardware to the best available in the market! Practice beside a fireplace, or with a portable heater, create your sacred and supportive home practice.

Class Pass holders:

  • You can continue to join us virtually without interruption.

  • Freedom Pack Promotion: 7 class pass for $88+hst will continue to be offered until Ontario exits the lockdown.

  • If your situation does not allow virtual practice, additional time will be given to your passes when the studio reopens and you are ready to return.

All Membership holders (Monthly / Three Months Unlimited / Six Months Unlimited / Annual):

  • You can continue to join us virtually without interruption.

  • As members, you have Unlimited access to the INYE Media Library (350+ edited classes).

  • Monthly Virtual Only Membership ($69+hst) could also be a wonderful option if that is more viable to keep the practice alive.

  • Please consider supporting the INYE community by keeping your membership active. If virtual practice is simply not possible, please email “" to place your membership on Open Hold.

News and frequent updates will be available on INYE website & social media. We are here to support each other. The INYE community has proven time and time again our wisdom, generosity & strength, and we will navigate this as smoothly as possible. All blessings to you, eddee


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