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Cooking with Spice of Emotions

Various emotions are like difference spices, some are spicy, tangy, some are bitter, salty, sweet, and everything in between. These emotional states add flavours to life events and enrich our experiences.

A master chef knows how to add just the right amount of spice, to enhance a dish’s original taste without drowning it, so it is not only delicious, it retains the most nutrients of all ingredients, and each spice harmonizes with another.

Imagine you are preparing a dish without a recipe or the necessary culinary skills, the outcome of the dish will be purely accidental, or based on what one might called luck.

Trust most of us have that experience: tried to cook something but ended up disastrous, while all ingredients go to waste! Unless you are very fortunate to have someone prepare daily food for you, or do take outs!

This is however, how most people live their lives. Unable to determine the life’s true flavour, drown each life situation with emotions they have in abundance. When it works, you attribute it to luck; when it ends up disastrous, it must be fate. Making one average or unappetizing dish after another, and claiming the most delicious meal awaits you if you promise to be good!

Picture this other situation. As you are preparing a meal, someone else is constantly adding various other spices into your cooking pot, or telling you to change the recipe because this is the new flavour in town. The process is not only confusing, perhaps the dish will not even be edible or poisonous!

Take time to understand Life’s pure nature, it is the single best ingredient we all possess to work with! Consciously adding each spice to enhance your experiences, and recognize what works for others may not be suitable for your taste, follow your own recipe!

For the past two years, we were dealt a potent ingredient, Covid. It is important to process this ingredient with as much mastery as you can, without anyone telling you how to cook, or burning yourself during the process.

There is no one ultimate, perfectly seasoned meal waiting for you. Be your own master chef, this dish is as delicious as you can make it!


December 26th, 2021

INYE’s capacity for the Sun Room has now been lowered from 22 back to 15 practitioners, plus our newly enhanced virtual platform, to service our dedicated community, and to safeguard our members' physical & mental health. We continue to close monitor the public health situation, and to keep INYE the safest for the community.

Our virtual presentation just got a major hardware boost, It is now with streaming at high definition picture quality! We continue to bring immersive practices to your digital platform, wherever your mat is.


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