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New & exciting April news

Eddee's fun Hatha I-II on Saturday

Dearest INYE community,

Spring has arrived, and the Northern hemisphere gets greener and more alive by the day. Everyone can feel the approach of warmer weather with increasing sunlight, all lives thrive and welcome this revitalization of Mother Earth, appreciating the next few months before the cooler weather once again descends upon us to complete the cycle.

When creation and the dissolution intercept, we call this “Samsara” in Yoga, the cycle of life. Within the Cosmos, Samsara is an intricate & complex phenomenon but makes up less than 2% of the entire universe. Like the stretched horizon line by the ocean, between the wide open sky and the vast body of water.

On this horizon line, our solar system is but a tiny dot. Earth is a granular speck within the our solar system, and we are a micro speck on Earth. Just like the entire ocean rises during the full moon, every shift within the grand Cosmos has the potential to elevate the energy within us.

Michelle's tranquil Restorative practice

Why use the word potential? Because the freedom of choice is always yours. The freedom of being unlimited is just as available as the freedom of suffering. it is entirely your choosing. Now if you have to choose, would you like to be joyful, or to suffer? I believe majority of the people would choose the former, to be joyful and blissful. Then why isn't the world filled with just happy & peaceful people?

Just wishing or hoping something to happen, it’s like opening the barn door and wishing all your herd sheep would come back inside the fence. Would they ever come back in? No! You will have to do the work to bring them home. “Atha Yoganusasanam” - Now begins the process of Yoga. Yoga is a thread through all aspects of Life, a system that promotes seeking how you are integrated within the whole existence. The physical form of this exploration is called Hatha Yoga, which raises our vitality and sensitivity to all energies around us.

Beata guides students in the Sun Room

INYE Yoga is a Hatha Yoga centre. We conduct each practice based on the season, Sun & Moon phases, time of day, as well as the weather. All these are factors which contribute toward one of the three major constitutions: vata (air), pitta (fire), or kapha (earth/water). We may either promote or pacify these constitutions within the body by observing the energetic quality of our practitioners, to achieve an optimal mental, energetic and physical state through mindfully crafted sequences.

INYE is also a hypnotherapy centre, focused on the power of the subconscious mind. Using professional and beneficial suggestions, we can remove harmful programmings inside, and promote healing and clarity for the inner mind. We facilitate a weekly HypnoYoga class on Wednesdays, as well as one-on-one private sessions. A 100hr Hypnotherapy training will soon be available for people who wish to learn this powerful transformational modality. Once you are attuned with the flow of the Sun & Moon, your internal system including organs, hormones and biochemicals, the mental body will regulate with balance. When the body is vibrant, and the mind is stable, the path to spiritual liberation will reveal itself within your perception. Share your INYE Yoga experience with your friends & family 🌺 so they can move through life with greater ease & joy.

Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre near Rice Lake

Take full advantage of Canada's beautiful warmer seasons, INYE is excited to announce our Silent Retreat on July 29th-31st!

Being in silence is not about shutting the world out, but opening yourself to the inner world. When the surroundings are busy and lively, your very essence can remain in stillness, which is the highest state of vibration.

Shanine and Eddee will guide you through various potent practices of self reflection and inward seeking, with meditation, elemental cleansing (bhuta shuddhi), and asking questions for self inquiries. Please bring a journal & pen to record your contemplations; avoid digital books/tablets as they often contain apps which could distract.

Practice Room facing open field of nature

The duration of this retreat is entirely silent, besides the sharing circle at the beginning & end of our time together. It is a time to be with yourself and nature, there is no need to converse or to impress, but to observe your transaction with the elements.

This is THE time to learn deeply about yourself.

For detailed information on the retreat and how to register, please visit the INYE website, under Programs -> Silent Retreat!

  • Total Retreat Cost: $585 + HST

  • Due at time of registration: $275 + HST ($310.75) | Non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. Group size ~14.

Namitha conducts Revitalizing Stretch w/ Breathwork in our peaceful Moon Lodge

Yoga is never about twisting or folding into impossible postures, it is a comprehensive geometric system of physical & energetic alignments.

The physical body is never designed for 8-10 hrs of stationary sitting with shallow breaths, while resting arms below shoulders, and with feet walking only on smooth surfaces. As the body slowly weakens through various misalignments, one becomes less encouraged to move, which contributes to a downward spiral of ill health.

lower back pain due to tight psoas muscles

It is our desire through INYE Yoga Outreach Initiatives, to bring mindful Hatha Yoga and breathwork to people who otherwise don't have time or access to it, such as corporate employees, homemakers, and people who are experiencing physical or emotional trauma. We want to reach out to you with extended arms and open doors. You can heal yourself, and together we can walk the first step to your full health.

We understand not everyone can come to the studio for practice, hence our Virtual interactive practices with superb image & sound that can bring the practice to your home or office, or during travel.

Our new Yoga Outreach Initiatives are 30 minute sessions to bring movement & deep rhythmic breaths, designed to bring physical and mental relief before lunch (12:30pm) and immediately after work (5pm), so you can maintain a joyful nature without turning the body into an obstacle.

  • $8 to join these revitalizing practices or $72 for 10 (30 min) class pass package. Membership holders can join freely as part of the membership benefit! Click here to visit INYE Online Store.

When we describe a journey, the literal meaning is an act of travelling from one place to another. Any work that requires us to gaze inward through the inner eyes, including the physical & mental branches of hypnotherapy, should not be called a journey, but a deepening of our perception on what life is at its purest.

Within a sacred and protective space, practitioners with necessary preparations, can be guided through a metaphysical journey, and travel across inward dimensions for physical / energetic healing, or on an outward path to connect with the Cosmic consciousness. This is a sensitive and delicate practice in which every preparatory step must be met to ensure safety & potency.

It is best if you have prior hypnosis experience, a deep meditation practice, and/or are open to dimensions other than the physical plane. This is a journey which will transform you from within.

Two powerful hypnotherapy workshops are not available:

Pahtway to Light (Saturday May 7th / 6pm-7:30pm): Hypnotherapy creates a powerful gateway for meditation, allowing the physical body to relax completely, while silencing the mind and putting it at peace. Through this potent pathway, we will journey to a realm of absolute stillness and wisdom.

Healing Circle (Saturday May 21st / 6pm-7:30pm): The Metaphysical Healing Circle is one of the highest healing form in the metaphysical practice, which enhances physical & energetic recovery by circulating vital energy. Participants will lie down to form a healing circle with joined hands, to promote Optimal Blueprint of health.

Cynthia demonstrates hands-on adjustment for Parsvakonasana (side angle posture)

The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is appropriate for anyone who would like to deepen their personal yoga practice, cultivate greater self-awareness, and learn the art of effective and inspirational teaching.

The curriculum emphasizes the development of an insightful and intelligent practice that is rooted in alignment and connection to Self and others. The program is designed to help individuals grow and evolve as students of the yoga life and as an individuals.

  • A curriculum that emphasizes a comprehensive body of knowledge, skills and individual learning and teaching styles

  • Reviewed as Oakville’s leading Yoga Teacher Training Program.

  • Nationally and internationally renowned teachers

  • A new and improved teacher training manual including descriptions and analysis of all principal asanas.

  • The opportunity to teach at Inye Yoga Studio through Community Classes

  • A tightly-knit, inclusive community to embrace and support students during and well beyond the program

$3,400+hst (Full Tuition includes textbooks & manual)

$3,000+hst (*Early Bird Pricing includes textbooks & manual)

Registration is now open! A non-refundable deposit of $500+hst for program registration, which is put towards tuition balance.

Added Value: Students receive 1 year Unlimited Yoga Classe Pass (starting from July 1st, 2022 until June 30th, 2023) upon registration and payment of their deposit for the program.

Ready to make the leap of faith? Click here to register, or visit the YTT webpage for detailed information & presentation.

*Early Bird Pricing ends Aug 15th, 2022, program will start Sept 16, 2022!


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