200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is appropriate for anyone who would like to deepen their personal yoga practice, cultivate greater self-awareness, and learn the art of effective and inspirational teaching.  The curriculum emphasizes the development of an insightful and intelligent practice that is rooted in alignment and connection to Self and others. The program is designed to help individuals grow and evolve as students of the yoga life and as an individuals.


Join us for an informative one-hour session about the INYE Yoga Teacher Training. We will discuss the curriculum and expectations for completion of the program and answer any concerns and questions you may have. The first Information Session 2020 is planned to occur on Wednesday, July 8th, 7pm - 8pm. If you are already a INYE community member, please register for the Info Session through MINDBODY. All others, please email frontdesk@inyeyoga.com to obtain the ZOOM invite.

Inye’s  200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is highly regarded as one of Toronto’s most comprehensive Teacher Training Programs. More than 250 teachers have entered our program since its inception in 2008 (formerly known Kula Yoga, Oakville) and emerged as confident and talented teachers and students of life.


The Teacher Training program is carefully crafted by Cynthia Cooperstone, Eddee Huang, Hali Schwartz and Ellie Emberley, all of whom bring years of diverse experience and refined talent to the material and presentation styles. With creativity, enthusiasm and support, the faculty members guide the students through a journey towards an informed, integrated and relevant practice. 


We pride ourselves on providing an approachable atmosphere built on a strong community culture and a high standard of education. The only program prerequisites are that  students have a developed and dedicated yoga practice, and a willingness to connect deeply and to explore with an open heart!


  • A curriculum that emphasizes a comprehensive body of knowledge, skills and individual learning and teaching styles 

  • Reviewed as Oakville’s leading Yoga Teacher Training Program.

  • Nationally and internationally renowned teachers

  • A new and improved teacher training manual including descriptions and analysis of all 27 principal asanas.

  • The opportunity to teach at Inye Yoga Studio through Community Classes

  • A tightly-knit, inclusive community to embrace and support students during and well beyond the program 


To submit an application or to discuss the program please email: frontdesk@inyeyoga.com

If you’d like more information about Teacher Training, we would be happy to answer your questions at our free information session- The first Information Session 2020 is planned to on Wednesday, July 8th, 7pm - 8pm. If you are already a INYE community member, please register for the Info Session through MINDBODY. All others, please email frontdesk@inyeyoga.com to obtain the ZOOM invite.


The Teacher Training group meets once per month on Thursday evenings, and  one weekend (Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday) a month for the duration of nine months.



Thursdays, 7pm-10pm

  • Sept 24th 

  • Oct 29th

  • Nov 26th

  • Dec 17th

  • Jan 21st

  • Feb 18th

  • March 25th

  • Apr 22nd

  • May 13th


  • Friday 7pm-10pm

  • Sat 10am-6:00pm(w/ 1.5hr lunch)

  • Sun 10am-6:00pm(w/ 1.5hr lunch)

  • Sept 11th-13th

  • Oct 16th-18th

  • Nov 13th-15th

  • Dec 11th-13th

  • Jan 8th-10th

  • Feb 5th-7th

  • Mar 6th-8th

  • Apr 9th-11th

  • May 1st-3rd

  • June 4th-6th

In order to obtain certification, 80% attendance is required and no more than one weekend may be missed. Students will need to designate time to projects and out-of class practice and assignments.


Please complete and submit the

teacher training application form to frontdesk@inyeyoga.com


$3,300 +hst


$500+hst ($565) for the registration deposit, which is put towards tuition balance. 

Option 1: $351.56 per month for 9 consecutive months from Oct. 1-June 1st to complete the tuition balance.

Option 2: $263.67 per month for 12 consecutive months from Oct. 1-September 1st of next year to complete the tuition balance

Option 3: Tuition paid in full.

Students receive Unlimited Yoga Classe Pass upon registration and payment of their deposit for the program. We want you to practice as frequently as possible, and discover your own body as you walk the yogic path.

Fees include Unlimited Yoga Class Pass at INYE for the duration of the training and a copy of the Teacher Training Manual.


If you have any questions regarding Teacher Training, please contact us by email
frontdesk@inyeyoga.com or call (905) 829-3443


Inye is a Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training School. Upon graduation students are eligible for a Yoga Alliance certificate.


Cynthia Cooperstone has been teaching yoga since 2002 in studio, private, workshop and retreat settings, and has been involved in numerous teacher training programs, including as Director of Kula Annex Yoga Teacher Training since 2015. Following her primary Hatha Yoga certification, she went on to study anatomy and yoga-based therapeutics, meditation and philosophy, and earned her advanced certification from the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. More recently, she has been investigating High Intensity Interval Training and is adding strength, cardio and functional range conditioning to her offerings.

Cynthia’s studies in Literature (BA, MA) and her subsequent career as a writer, editor and communications consultant have contributed to her eloquence and her ability to make accessible and applicable the deep concepts of the rich yoga tradition. Her studio classes are known for their blend of alignment-based asana and philosophy, and her approach honours individual capabilities and perspectives even as it safely invites personal exploration and physical challenge.  Her trainings are distinguished by her deep respect for and commitment to her students, for her organized and integrated methodology, and for her unwavering commitment to demonstrating and fostering in her students the concept of service. 

Cynthia is honoured to direct the inaugural INYE Yoga Teacher Training.


Eddee is the director of Inye Yoga. He has been practicing yoga for eight years, his unique approach blends the elements of yoga, gymnastics, and hypnotherapy. He is a certified E-RYT200 teacher, certified Reiki Master, and a clinical hypnotherapist. Eddee hosts "Rainbow Classes", providing a judgement free safe space for everyone.

Eddee's main principle for deep integrated work is patience. He strives to bring flexibility and mobility back to the spine, to grow tall and move with freedom, and to re-introduce natural alignment back to the body. His practices are conducted gracefully and methodically, and he invites the students to re-discover their personal boundaries. Move and discover, that's how we grow and evolve.


Hali has been immersed in the study and practice of the yoga tradition since we was a child. She spend many of her formative years living in the Himalayas at the International Meditation Institute, studying yoga history, philosophy, yogic scripture, Sanskrit, chanting, meditation and pranayam. Since 1999 she has been teaching all of these aspects of the yoga tradition in various teacher training programs in Toronto where she makes her home, as well as in Europe, India and the Caribbean. Hali is known for delivering the teachings of yoga in a way which is both humorous and accessible, and feels that the most important thing is for the student to feel that they apply yoga philosophy into their every day lives. 

Hali is honored to be a part of INYE yoga teacher training where she gets to be working in collaborating with such an excellent group of core teachers. 


Ellie started her journey in Healthcare when she worked as a paramedic before switching gears to find her passion in Massage therapy. After gaining experience as a Registered Massage Therapist, Ellie began her teaching career at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. After completing a 200RYT program herself, Ellie began working with many Yoga Teacher Trainees in March of 2019.

Her lessons outline the anatomy of the human body, and how yoga teachers can use the information to provide both a safe and effective environment of practice.

Ellie provides an energetic and interactive class where questions are encouraged, and there are many laughs to be had.

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