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INYE Virtual Community Yoga!

Dearest INYE YOGA Family,  

Come join the practice with 29 INYE Virtual "Community" Yoga Classes (and growing) + Workshops! These classes are truly LIVE interactive (never pre-recorded), and our INYE teachers have the ability to see our students, and to provide verbal adjustments if necessary. From the more physical practice like Hatha, Vinyasa, Deep Stretch and Gentle, to the subtler practices such as Restorative, Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

These mindful practices keep the community connected. Most importantly, they allowing us to check in with you, to make sure you are supported. We have made many new friends along the way~ From: USA, UK, BC, NB... etc. It's good share our smiles, and fill with gratitude, for life, for love.

Here are what the community members are saying about INYE Virtual Community Classes: (Thanks Fiona H. for this cute image <3)

"Thank you again for this virtual yoga. I can’t even begin to explain how this contact is keeping me sane in these crazy times!”⁣

⁣“It was a lovely class. You were a breath of fresh air to be honest.”⁣

⁣⁣“Want to take a quick moment to thank you and your terrific team⁣ for all the efforts to allow our INYE practice to continue. The virtual⁣ classes are a great success in my opinion - and I’m sure many others.⁣ I’m really enjoying them and knowing I can still maintain social distancing.”⁣ 

⁣⁣“I enjoyed doing Julie’s virtual Hatha class today…relaxing and rejuvenating.”⁣ 

"⁣I joined Joanne’s stretch class this morning. I usually attend her warm stretch classes every week. Hearing her voice and following her class felt so familiar and calming. I can appreciate how stressed she was doing a class online for the first time, working out all the technology issues, but please let her know she did GREAT and it made a huge difference to my physical and emotional well being. I have not been up this early for yoga since my retreat in Madeira with Tiffany, but for Joanne I would do it! Thank you for being there for all of us during ⁣this crazy and stressful time!”⁣ 

"I’m loving the virtual yoga!  I hope there are lots of people taking advantage of the classes."

Take advantage for our One Week Free Trial! For information on how to sign up, please visit the INYE website:

INYE also post one Bonus Class each week, It is edited to have the Yoga contents only (not nearly as fun as the Live Interactive classes, where the INYE community chats & laughs before and after class!) Come join us virtually!

See you on your mat!


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