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Sunday, October 20, 2024


4:00 PM

Restorative & Sound Healing Journey

2:00 PM


Shanine Dennill & Preeti Berar



10% off for Members

Workshop led by:

Shanine Dennill

Preeti Berar

About the Restorative & Sound Healing Journey

Restorative yoga invites us to bring more softness and ease to our bodies and mind. When our restorative yoga practice nourishes this stillness and steadiness, it begins to imbue into our lives. We, most importantly, rest, especially in a time and society where achieving, accumulating, and doing more is celebrated. We become more inclusive of all parts of ourselves (and others). We’re given the gift to respond and interact with our emotions and life from a place of spaciousness and compassion.

By attending this 2 hour workshop you will:

Sound and Restorative is a beautiful pairing. Restorative yoga releases tension, cultivates more space, softens the edges we experience in ourselves and life, and opens up new energy to invigorate us. Sound Healing allows us to sink into a higher frequency. The mind and body surrenders into the vibration. Enjoy the exquisite sounds of singing bowls, tuning forks and more.

Props you will need

  • Your yoga mat

  • 1 strap 

  • 2 yoga blocks

  • 4 blankets 

  • 2 bolsters

  • 1 light cloth to cover the eyes

  • Journal

  • More props are welcomed in aiding in rest.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please contact us by email or call the studio at (905) 829-3443

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