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Studio Update: Time of Change

Dearest INYE friends & family,

I believe it is important for an update, regarding the changes that are happening around the world, as well as within the studio.

Beneath all that lies the foundation of what draws us here as teachers in the first place. To be in service to the community, and to create an all inclusive environment.

Now building on top of being of service, here are my thoughts: Few unrests are occurring in the World’s global consciousness, foremost being the Covid-19 storm. People are fearful and feeling isolated. The integrity of the community spirit can support our friends. Come to our outdoor practices, as everyone can get to feel the collective healing energy. Another one that’s close to us here, is the Anti Black Racism Movement. This has always been the studio’s principle to uphold, especially being an asian gay male, we practice all diversity and inclusivity to ALL members, and I believe we are proud of our community for making that their truth. Indigenous people trying so hard to fight back against giant corporations and preservation of their sacred land. Close to my heart is also the situation in my home country of Taiwan, which is under even more intense military threat from China of late. At the same time Hong Kong is protesting the China National Security bill. The HK people, some as young as 10, are being silenced by violent police arrests. Gone missing, dead of apparent “suicide”, sexually assaulted, or taken to labour camp. People are fleeting the region and looking for political asylum in many countries. This is important as we do have Chinese students. Hate speech is not tolerated in any form, no matter the origin of the oppressing party. Animal Activists like Regan Russell & Chase Avior, as well as organization like "Direct Action Everywhere”, are animal heroes and voices, and hope for animal liberation, often paying the highest price for their efforts.  Gay people are being bullied, prosecuted, and killed in many regions of the world, where it is legal and socially acceptable to do so. Tibetan people are forcefully sent to labour camps & children to re-education campS, while the Dalai Lama was forced to leave and seek protection in India. I know it’s hard to read, but the list does go on. No matter which of these issues means most to you, you can’t dismiss other violations. Realization is always the first step, and we should strive to facilitate a calm and healthy discussion if we feel called. Human race had taken a long history to address these issues, and still struggles with it. However, undeniably our social group consciousness had evolved rapidly in the past 100 years, because of these explorations and discussions. Just like 10 people will have 10 different expressions of Downward Facing Dog, be open to difference in perspective, as long as the foundation of conversation is LOVE. Hate or discrimination have no place in our space. Feeling the studio had offered a different voice other than theirs, Tiffany & Lori had chosen to walk their separate path and left the studio. It is a choice they had made and I will always respect that. This is the time of significant change, for the world and the studio. It is never without reason, and please do not assign judgement to it.

Please welcome our new permanent teachers: Our own Andrea Merkley, INYE sub Teacher / member Tammy Goldlust, and Erin Mensch from Kula Annex!

Andrea Merkley

Tammy Goldlust

Erin Mensch

This is a heavy email, and I want to make sure you are all aware of the shifts in the studio. Please feel free to reach out any time to me, I am happy to chat, always. With love, -eddee


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