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Pandemic of the Mind

Hatha Yoga is a series of well developed techniques for mastering the mind. Through various postures and breath techniques, we get to witness and recognize variety of mind fluctuations. The first step toward any spiritual growth, is always about being aware of the subtle aspects of human consciousness. No matter when and where you are, always be in full control of all your faculties and overflow with blissfulness.

There are two powerful facilities of the mind: one is the ability to learn from experience, the other to imagine limitless manifestations.

These two faculties were ingrained into our very existence, down to the cellular level. It is not like a degree, or a PHD which you acquire, they are the fundamental parts of every living being. They ensure survival, and procreation of life through continuing evolution.

What happens when you are entrapped by one, or both of these two powerful faculties, that built the very fundamentals of your life? 

“If I didn’t do that, this wouldn’t have happened.”, or “If I did that, then this would have happened”. People are caught in an infinite loop of the past, re-living certain event(s) every moment in their life. When that occurs, a certain emotion called guilt takes root. Guilt causes fear, all kinds of fear. Fear NEVER motivates correctly, do not mistake tension for activation.

When people are entrapped by their own imagination, which is different from intention and manifestation, they become daydreamers, rarely rooted in reality. They are anxious, and feel entitled to everything and everyone, or even a better state of life, without the willingness to take any real effort toward manifesting into one.

So you might ask, should we just stay still and not move, and resist all changes? Is that really the safest way?  We will eventually reach the state of complete stillness after our last breath - no movement and no change - so please leave that option for the dead. 

It is about staying present, and recognizing the fundamental need for change, all kinds of change. From biology to psychology, change is essential for every evolution. It is an ongoing process like everything in nature. You can’t stop the seasons from changing, because you would have to stop the Earth’s spin, and we will be projected out of the solar system! It is through these changes, or some people call them challenges, that growth occurs. Imagine that a baby thinks walking on two feet is too scary, the whole humanity would be crawling still.

The current pandemic is also change. From the visible societal & biological effects, to the

revelation within the mind, resulting from internal conversations when sitting by yourself, whether isolating or just having some me time. However, the pandemic of the mind is far more harmful than the physical. Live in the present moment, respect the safety procedures and boundaries of others, and please remember LIFE with its truth and original nature.


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