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Love Letter from our member Julie!

I can’t  thank you enough for keeping us all connected at this time. Thank you for putting up all these classes at different times and lovely teachers. Thank you for the effort you have done to keep this community together. Thank you for making me feel active and alive. Thank you for every teacher who stood up in front of their screen to run what feels like a regular class. I’m so grateful for being a member and part of this community. 

I have had my times when I felt disconnected discouraged and anxious but knowing that Inye yoga is out there I was able to connect again and feel safe.

Lastly, I’m sending warm wishes and love to all those who are supporting this community and keeping us all together safe and sane. 

I am so looking forward to get back together and hearing all different stories and experiences on how we got through this.

May all stay safe and healthy until then.

(PS: I’m glad Jen is back on the schedule 👍)

Love and blessings ❤️

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