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Love Letter <3 from Trish Dingman

Dear INYE Yoga loves

I walked thru the doors of Suite 300, at 2640 Bristol Circle over 12 years ago. At the time I believe the name was Hot Yoga Oakville. 

I had just moved back to Ontario, from Colorado.  I had started my recovery journey into sobriety; 2 years earlier (my tiny yoga studio in Denver feeling like my saviour) and just relapsed … so I was beyond ashamed, lonely and not at all wanting to be home in Ontario.

I walked thru the doors and was cheerily greeted by front desk staff; promptly given a tour of the space and signed up for a 30 day trial.  Would this be my new home?  My new community?  Would this space and these people support me as I picked my broken self up and began my journey of sobriety once again?

By the third day in (I went to yoga EVERY DAY and usually stayed for more than 1 class… often 3 if Kinndli was teaching!)  I knew I’d found home.

The first year I practiced at 2640 Bristol Circle I befriended the humans that would become my life long best friends, my business partner (whom I would create and run my very own yoga teacher training with in 2017), my healers, and my students.

I spent any moment I wasn’t working (at this time I was teaching fitness, yoga and acting on film and tv sets) at the studio and then usually taking walks, or going or tea with new studio friends, after class. 

I had been a fitness instructor and personal trainer since I was 16 and was a budding new yoga instructor. I was so nervous to ask to teach at Kula… 2640, had just become Kula Yoga. 

This was quickly becoming my community of best friends… my chosen family- so I was so nervous to step into the role of the leader!!! 

I eventually gathered my courage and asked to be put on the sub list… and I did it!  I subbed for my VERY favourite teacher- the great and powerful Kinndli!!!! 

Kinndli left, to open her own studio and I was so incredibly blessed to take over all of her classes…. and so my real journey as a yoga teacher began.

My eyes well up with tears of gratitude and love as I type this next part.  

Many of you have journeyed with me, as I’ve grown as a yoga teacher in this space, since 2008!!! 

Some of you have taken class with me at least once a week, for the past 11 years! WHOA! I am honoured!!!

Thank you for sticking by me as I figured this stuff out… as I found my style and my voice… from power yoga, to crazy advanced tricks, to learning that I could story tell and channel wisdom and messages…. as I grew up and slowed down… from Power Yoga to Anusara, to bizzare burning man dance it out stages, to Forrest Yoga, to Yoga Therapy and my brief flirtation with Wim Hoff and Ido Portal…. you guys have been through it all with me and stuck around.


Its been an honour to feel your support as I learned; as I continue to learn.

No matter where this yoga journey takes me… us… I know that I can count on you all- my chosen family - to hold me up; to let me know when it “gets too weird”; to celebrate with me and allow me to celebrate with you.

You have been there with me through it all- the worst time of my life- when my dog Timber disappeared… many of you drove all the way out to Brantford to help us look for him!!!  WOW!!!!  And you have been here with me recently, as I celebrated my union to the love of my life… and graciously permitted me to honeymoon for 3 whole weeks! 

Many of you have come to visit my partner and I at our yurts or joined us for a Yoga Canoe Trip, in the great North <3 

We have held hands and cried as we lost some of our favourite friends/students- as the moved or passed away.  The ones who have passed away- still visit… I feel a few in my Monday evening classes…. thank you for visiting us in spirit Alan, Maria and Anne. We love and miss you <3

I am so happy to have been a part of this community as we have grown and transformed together.  

I have watched you get married, have children, lose loved ones, make new friends, leave jobs, establish new careers, become Yoga Teachers!!!! I look forward to being part of your lives for many more years. 

I am thrilled to stay a part of this community as our sweet leaders and friends (family members) Colin and Anne Marie move on to their next endeavours and we welcome one of the brightest lights I have ever encountered, Eddee, to sit in the seat of leader.

Eddee welcome to the community which myself and so many of us have called home for many years. 

May we continue to love 2640 Bristol Circle Suite 300; as it takes on the name INYE and once again morphs and expands and becomes more and more and more our home.

To all of you… thank you thank you thank you for being my family.  I love you all so very much.

See you next time. xoxo



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