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Living in True Silence

In a world filled with noises, whether they are sounds of construction, traffic, unwelcome images, music & conversations, or the random intrusive mind chatter, the idea of stepping into absolute silence feels like a great release.

However, with the current calls for isolation & essential travels only, staying in silence is not an appealing option. Many look for creative excuses to gather in groups, or occupy themselves with long list of tasks.

The world is a busy place and getting more and more so. However loud or subtle the noises, unless you stayed in a sensory deprivation room, or chemically induced sleep, it is challenging to create the condition of absolute silence. True silence is non-physical, that means you can’t achieve it naturally without losing consciousness, such as with drugs or sleep. A natural process for achieving absolute silence is death, but that might be a little too late for us. Please let this state be known to the living!

Silence is an intense state of mind focus, so potent and blissful that everything else seems pale in comparison, and simply falls off a focused mind. Through the methods of meditation, pranayam (breath work) or Yoga, one can develop sensitivities to dimensions other than the physical, and begin to benefit from the deeper levels of silence.

Someone had said to me that he had been meditating for a few years, but he can’t seem to get rid of the monkey chatter, why is that?

Meditation and Yoga are gateways to reach to another dimension of life. If I open and shut a door repeatedly from various angles, but never step forth to the other side, what I do is only the act of opening & closing, but I remain in the same spot. To venture across the threshold and lose the identity of self, takes a leap of faith into the unknown, without any expectation of what you can gain from it. The moment you desire something to happen, but it didn’t happen the way you expected, a miracle could pass you by and end up being ignored.

Never set a goal, and always notice every life in its true essence. You are the most miraculous expression of the Cosmos.


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