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INYE Virtual Interactive Classes now starting!

Great change accelerates learning, nothing ever stays the same. Even the stillness of the body shifts with every breath, and the stillness of the mind expands & contracts in accordance with the cosmic law.⁣

Although Inye's physical space is resting, we are meeting the community virtually! Through the platform, we are threading the human connections and delivering OM to your home.

⁣Moving practice virtually is a great learning experience for myself and the community, and we all did beautifully this morning! Come join Inye community virtually again, tomorrow (Saturday, March 21st) at 10am: Hatha I-II, and other classes on our growning schedule, with more teachers and classes to come!⁣

For existing membership holders, you can continue to attend all classes virtually.

Class pass holders can certainly use their pass toward the virtual interactive classes, and purchase more passes at a reduced rate. All online class passes can be used in the physical studio practices, when the studio wakes from slumber.


  • Please register  for the virtual classes no less than 15 minutes before the class time, and confirm your email address is correct for first time registrants.

  • 10 minutes before the class time, an email will be sent, detailing sign-in instructions.

  • Through the platform, each class will have a unique password, you can find the information in the email. Enter the password when prompted (some platforms will incorporate automatically)

  • Best to set up the display (phone / tablet / computer / smart TV), so that the teacher can easily view your posture during the practice.

  • the ZOOM app is good but not necessary. A web browser can also easily access the streaming!

This is a strong community and I am very proud of everyone who "shows up" every time on the mat. The situation will change, like all things in the world. We will learn a great deal from this, and I look forward to sharing this journey with each one of you, when we meet again.

Much love and gratitude,



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