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INYE October Community Update

INYE is a Halton region studio, and is not affected by the new provincial restrictions (Oct 9th) placed on the Hot Zones (Ottawa, Toronto & Peel Regions). Please support your local businesses during this challenging time 🙏. INYE continues to monitor the situation, to provide the safest and healthiest environment possible for our community.

Regardless if you agree with the lock down, the significant impact to our mental health is real. People often become hyper-vigilant by the sound of a sneeze or cough; stories of family members turn into a source of annoyance instead of joy. Perhaps distract themselves with alcohol, drugs, or intimate contacts, in an attempt to cope with the weight of the pandemic and self-isolation, while social distancing became more like a distant memory.

Human mind has the power of manifestation. From Dr. Emoto’s water molecular structure tests (1), to quantum consciousness (2), more and more evidence shows that we have the ability to significantly alter everything from our own body chemistry all the way to World events, with thoughts that are highly focused. As the movies and media feed our minds with visions of a post-apocalyptic World, endless gun violence and gore, respecting and caring for other living beings and Nature will not be something you think of, will it?

If you feed your body with junk food, do you really expect to attain full health? The same applies to the mind. If you feed your mind with garbage and constant stress, it would take a miracle to come out unscathed.

Let's picture a simpler example, imagine you are driving a car. Suddenly, you lose control of the car and you panic. If there is a wall nearby and you look directly at it while panicking, no doubt you will steer straight toward it, even though that could mean your own demise. Look at the open path and with enough skill, you will navigate back onto the road.

Are you looking at a wall, or an open road?

Yoga teaches you how to control the body, thoughts and emotions, so you sit steadfast in the driver’s seat within an efficient car, no longer reactionary. As an individual or within a devoted community, the World needs your compassionate actions, healing vision, and pure wisdom, right now.


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