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INYE April New Offerings!

Dearest INYE community,

Spring is here! This means everything in nature is awakening, ready to grow and flourish! This is also the time to gather your energy to allow maximum expansion for our intentions in 2022.

Imagine an apple tree. In order to bear maximum fruit, besides optimal weather conditions, the tree must be provided with the right amount of rain and Sun, gentle moist breeze, and fertile earth.

The apple tree hugely benefited not from prayers, not hopes, but rich soil with good percentage of organic content. The manure and mud could be filthy in someone else's eyes, but for the trees, they provide key nutrients for those sweet juicy apples. If the soil has degraded into sand, with little to none micro-organisms, the apple tree will yield little to no fruit, and its very survival will be hanging by the good fortune of possible rain.

The same idea applies to human growth. When you enrich the content of your body, energy, and mind through Yoga and various sadhana (processes) within a sacred space, you will flourish no matter what you do, in any job or relationship. Every aspects of your life is in a constant growth and such pure dynamic movements will never dry up or be stagnant.

Many people have asked me how often should they practice Yoga? My answer is always: "Every moment of your day, seven days a week, 365 days." We need to understand that Yoga is never about twisting or folding into impossible postures. It is a comprehensive geometric system of physical alignments, that allows us to connect and glimpse the larger Cosmic geometry. The physical aspect of Hatha Yoga is only the consequence of such explorations, which naturally strengthen the body and purify the energy centres (chakras).

Being joyful, purifying the five elements within, chanting mantra - all these are part of the processes that enrich your life essence. It is only when your very essence is fertile that you will be successful no matter what you do.

Here at INYE, we continue to offer various practices as part of our Yoga Outreach Initiatives. Please see below for our upcoming programs!

All blessings to you,



Hatha Yoga - Breathwork | Hypnotherapy | Nidra | Folk Herbalism | Elemental Cleansing

For detail information on the retreat and how to register, please visit the INYE website, under Programs -> Serenity Retreat!


Please give a warm welcome to our new teacher, also a former YTT graduate Ralph Petermann. He will be teaching every Friday, a new 5pm Hot Hatha class, starting April 1st. Please come join him in practice! "After turning to yoga to help heal his body in 2010, Ralph began teaching in 2019. Ralph’s classes offer a compassionate approach to yoga with a focus on providing variation and options designed to help yogis find their own practice within the structure of his teaching."


Every Tuesday & Thursday - 12:30pm -1pm & 5pm-5:30pm | In-studio & Virtual option available

Part of the INYE Yoga Outreach Initiatives

Thirty (30) minute Revitalizing Stretch with Breathwork is specially designed for individuals that have a full schedule, and still realize the importance of revitalizing & opening your physical, energetic (breath) and mental bodies.

Perfect also for business employees to regain mental clarity and physical relaxation, by engaging in 30 minutes of mindful movements & breathwork, to reduce the effects of long hour sitting/standing.

All you need are stretchy clothes and a decent space to sit undisturbed and to move. Yoga blocks & strap are highly recommended.

$8 to join these revitalizing practices or $72 for 10 (30 min) class pass package. Membership holders can join freely as part of the membership benefit! Click here to visit INYE Online Store.

This is part of our Yoga Outreach Initiatives. If you believe your office / team would benefit from having these deep stretch practices, please contact Eddee directly and we can make special arrangement for your company!


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