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How to Experience Balance?

When a student sees me in the studio, more often than not, they start with a greeting,

“Hi Eddee, how are you?” accompanied by a bright smile.

“I am doing wonderful, thank you!” Hands in namaskar, “It’s always good to see you.”

With all my sincerity, I meant every word I said. It is delightful to hold this sacred space for all these wonderful yogis, many of whom have devoted years to their yoga practice.

And practice it is.

Time after time, I have seen people transformed from levels of depressive, anxious or frustrated state, to a relaxed & open posture, joyful conversations, and a brilliant smile. Is this a miracle? Well, life itself is a miraculous phenomenon, and we have total freedom to manifest it into either anger and suffering, or happiness and ecstasy! While science can’t figure out what makes something alive without using nature’s building blocks, Yogic science understands its source and unlimited nature, and has created systems (sadhanas) to focus life’s energy and make it exuberant.

You may ask how can someone transform themselves physically or mentally by only twisting and turning their body?

When the Moon aligns with the Earth during the full moon, the entire ocean rises significantly. Plants always grow and lean toward the Sun, and even professional runners or weightlifters are using science to discover their body’s optimal alignment to maximize performance. There are countless natural phenomena that resonate with this unseen force in order to thrive! As a human, the more you alienate yourself from nature, the more imbalanced you will be. When full synchronization is within your experience, you will be ecstatic!

Hatha Yoga is a powerful step toward enhancing your transaction with the elements. Each yoga asana is intricately designed by the ancient yogis to align with nature’s cycles, including the rhythm of each inhale & exhale, and how to work the entire energetic system as a whole. When the energetic body is aligned and vibrant, the mental body & the physical will naturally be in a harmonious state, and the realization of everything created with the same primordial ingredient will shift from a philosophy to a tangible experience.

INYE is a Hatha Yoga centre that focuses on spiritual growth. We have many programs & trainings that will help you walk the path of self realization.

INYE Yoga teacher training is about cultivating the teacher within with clarity and confidence. The program is designed to accelerate your understanding through intense involvement in the process in order to experience “Union” through Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, anatomy, Yogic philosophy and meditation.

You may choose to become a Yoga teacher, and illuminate others on their path. Or perhaps a path of spiritual process, to deeper understand yourself and the infinite qualities of being human. The program starts on Sept 17th (Friday). Come join other like minded people and open a new chapter in life!


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