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Holistic Health: Who is Responsible?

Dearest INYE friends & community members,

Physical health is one aspect of wellbeing we can measure and monitor. However, Holistic Health in Yoga includes six other dimensions: Ethical; Mental; Intellectual; Consciousness; Conscience; and Divine Health.

To keep a physical body healthy is an important task, it is the very first door toward the subtler aspects of ourselves. If the body is in constant discomfort, and in need of frequent repair and maintenance, it would be hard to pay attention to anything spiritual.

But who is responsible for your physical and all other subsequent dimensions of Health? The answer must be YOU. If you are experiencing diarrhea, you would avoid oily and deep fried food, and cleanse the system through good clean food & warm water. Same goes for violent thoughts, fear & judgement. Instead of acting it out through compulsion, see it from each other’s perspective and be inclusive.

Here is a story from the Masters:

A temple acolyte returns from the village, and goes to the Master in distress. The young acolyte cries, "The Earth is in peril, with so much damage and changes. What can we do to heal our planet?"

The Master shows a large white pearl in his hand, "This is your view of the earth, pure and precious." The acolyte nods. Suddenly a crack appears on its smooth surface, and a beautiful white dove pecks through the shell, beating its wings into the blue sky.

The story is about seeing things from other perspectives. Understanding human consciousness is never stagnant, but a living process of growth from within, not without.


On September 22nd, 2021, Ontario is enforcing Vaccine Passport system to all non-essential businesses, which includes Yoga Studios. This regulation requires all members to show proof of double vaccination at the door, in order to attend in-studio practices.

As a consequence, INYE is introducing for the first time, a Monthly VIRTUAL ONLY Membership with a reduced rate of $69+hst, as well as the “Freedom Pack - 7 Class Pass for $88+hst”. It is our intention to support everyone’s Yoga practice, so we may consciously bring clarity through practice, and seek out solutions as One.

If you are currently on the Monthly Membership, and desire to support INYE through this turbulent waters, we thank you for your generosity and kindness.

If you wish to convert to the Monthly VIRTUAL ONLY Membership, please email “" and we can switch your account starting the next Autopay cycle.

The Healers Membership ($10+hst) continues to be available, to support all Frontline Healthcare Professionals, so you may continue to shine the healing light upon others in desperate need.

All Monthly Membership & Healers Membership can access our INYE Media Library which contains 340+ recorded classes.

Let your humanity shine brightly, and be the guiding light in this uncertain time. The responsibility and the answer to heal ourselves in all dimensions is always within each one of us.




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