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Evolution of Self

The journey of self exploration always begins with a level of curiosity of what Yoga is. It is not about why, but how can the mind experience such calmness and relaxation after a Hatha Yoga practice.

Yoga is an intricate system taught by the first Yogi 15000 years ago. It explores Life beyond physical existence, energy, and the mind (emotions & intellect), and it connects Human Lives with the grand Cosmos. To walk upon this guided path, one must first arrive at a doorway that opens to such potential, and that is the INYE Yoga Teacher Training.

This transformative program uproots limited self-identity, and helps to realize yourself as an Unlimited being. The physical postures of Hatha Yoga will serve as the primary vehicle to carry you to the mastery of the energy and the mind. You will also learn contemplative Yogic philosophy and knowledge, as well as physical and energetic anatomy.


The Inye YTT registration is now open (please visit the INYE website for the video presentation & online registration), and we have already reached half admission capacity. We hope you can join us in this extraordinary year.

What make this year extra-ordinary you may ask? Because of Covid, many people have experienced intense psychological & physical events. Through Yoga, we will learn how to be part of the solution, and be in control of your physical, emotional, and energetic state.

The 2nd Information Session will be facilitated in-studio & virtually on Aug 23rd (Monday) 7pm-8pm. Please email to let us know of your preference, so we can prepare for your arrival or send you the ZOOM invitation.


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