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Create Your Sacred Space

What is yoga?

Put simply, yoga is to unite. We are so privileged in the west to be conditioned to believe that in order to do a proper yoga practice we must set time aside in our day, put on specific clothes, go to a specific place and be surrounded by specific people to ‘achieve yoga’.

As we move into another round of hibernation, I invite you to think outside of these confines and allow yoga into your home. I know this may sound crazy with all the talks of having to create a ‘sacred space’ to ‘get into the zone’ but what if you allowed yourself to realize that your home really is your sacred space in all its glory, mess, chaos and whatever else that lives within your walls?

Is your home something that you are proud of? Are your children the brightest part of you? Does you pet make your heart so full it hurts? Is your partner someone who pushes you to your limit that allows for your own growth and blossoming? Allow this life that you have chosen be incorporated into your yoga.

I invite you to invite the chaos that you believe your life to be into your own sacred space. All the months you have spent joining together in our wonderful community, I know that you know somewhere deep inside that you have that quiet, graceful ability to calm the oceans in one exhale. To let the tides (or kids, or dogs, or whatever) to flow around you whilst you flow from upward dog into downward facing dog.

Allow Yoga into your life, put on your ‘workout sweatpants’, turn on Zoom (camera is always optional!) and let your yoga flow. I think you might surprise yourself with what you find in this new ‘sacred space’.


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