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Create a Powerful Intention

Inye Community's intentions for 2020

You are an unique individual.

Starting from the very beginning of human existence, however long you conceptualize it to be, there was never a single being that was ever the same as you. Fingerprints, the shape of your ears, the patterns within retina, voice imprint modulations, down to your DNA. Nature never duplicates. Yes, each strawberry you’ve ever eaten was different, each crystal, each phenomenon unique. YES, you are a phenomenon of creation. We all come from the Source, of the grand cosmic manifestation & consciousness, and a variation of that source created planets, trees, oceans, animals of all kinds.

Let’s entertain another concept. If I told you to flex & straighten your left index finger, or shift into a forward fold posture in Yoga Asana, you would move to create these shapes. Why is that? Because your mind received an instruction, then brought your body to carry out that action. When we feel hungry, our mind tells the body to seek out food and eat.

Providing that was agreeable, let’s combine these two ideas on a subtler level. My thoughts would be different than your thoughts, and every other billion individuals. So my interpretation of the word “hurt”, “desire”, “love”, “hate” must have incited different emotional reaction within each person, even the word “God” with the capital G might made some feel all encompassing, or cringing at the mention (that’s a different discussion altogether!) When your mind takes on a negative emotion, such as Hate, or believes you should be punished for some reason, real or imagined, your body will also manifest a unique imbalance or illness in response to the thought.

The opposite is also true, when your mind is filled with positive emotions, the body’s natural tendency to heal will activate, and enhance perfect health & cellular harmony. Isn’t that wonderful? However, just like words could be interpret differently from person to person, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind also speaks a different language.

To encompass all possibilities from the limitation of language or words, many parapsychologists and Schools of the Mind work with intentions of infinite nature. “Unconditional Love”, “everlasting peace”, “absolute harmony”, or “Oneness”. These powerful positive intentions work like a Buddhist mantra, recited over and over in the mind, shattering the encasement of languages, into a realization of the mind. These powerful states hence unlock various human potentials and reap the greatest benefit.

Now take a moment, and write down your own infinite intention!


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