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Check in with your New Year's Vision

It is time to check in - how has your new vision for 2023 been manifesting?

As the daylight starts to get longer after the winter solstice, our life energy also elevates and strengthens by the day. Many people may feel the energy slowly energy within, and utilize this time to reaffirm a commitment or vision.

Is it growing steadily and blossoming, perhaps meeting some challenges? Or maybe it has already been abandoned and dissolved.

This is not to judge yourself positively or negatively. Navigate your approach as the situation or circumstances change. Do not be afraid to constantly revise your approach. Change is part of growth! A car can never reach a destination without turning, or changing route when necessary.

Keep your vision alive. While sometimes it might not take the form you expected, it is the true essence of growth, a path of dedication in Yoga.

Tips to keep motivated in your vision:

1) In a quiet space, sit cross legged, or in a chair with your feet on the ground, and cross the right ankle over the left ankle.

2) Burn an oil lamp or organic candle (eg. bees wax) and place it in front of you about 3-5 feet away.

3) Let your vision surface in your mind, as you gaze softly into the flame. Keep your eyes open for 5 -10 minutes.

4) Turn yourself around, or place the candle behind you. Close your eyes and sense the flame’s light on your spine for another 5-10 minutes.

5) Practice frequently or daily.


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