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Align with Cosmic Vibration through Yoga

All physical matters are composed of electrons and protons. Ranging from the non-visible gaseous state to the dense solid form such as a mountain. Depending on the cohesiveness between the atoms, each physical form receives its unique density characteristics.

The atomic cohesiveness is based on the magnetic attraction, or synchronized vibration between the atoms. Hence no matter how solid something appears to be, it is constantly in a state of dynamic flux. You see the vast ocean swell during the full moon alignment, or sunflowers face the Sun tracking across the sky. If the balance is off, even a mountain could crumble like a sandcastle in the rain.

The atoms within a body obey the same principle. In order to manipulate the vibrations of the body, one must first be sensitive to the connections and energy within the cells. You simply cannot adjust something that you had not yet experienced. Yoga is the method of recognizing and deepening such connection, elevating from the unconscious automation and compulsion, to conscious actions.

All four major branches of Yoga (Karma / Jnana / Raja / Bhakti) were crafted to balance every aspect of a human body. By maximizing the vital energy (Ojas / Tejas / Prana) within the physical body, and mastering one’s connection toward the five elemental categories, a yogi can synchronize with the very creation force of the Cosmos, because it is one and the same.

INYE Bhuta Shuddhi - Yoga Journey & Elemental Cleansing Meditation, together with Reiki First Degree Training are the beginning steps toward cleansing and connecting with the vibrations within us. These practices are designed to deepen your sensitivity toward energy from within & the surroundings, and achieving a harmonious state with the Cosmos.

  • Next Bhuta Shuddhi Meditation: March 27th (Saturday), 7pm - 8:45pm (2 spots remain)

  • Next Reiki First Degree Training: March 28th (Sunday), 12pm - 7:30pm (1 spot remain)

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