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Dear Kula Students,

Since opening Kula Oakville in 2003 and Kula Annex in 2008, Anne Marie and I have had the great privilege to serve community through Yoga. Through this time, we have grown in our personal practice, evolved as a community of heart, and gained an extraordinary extended family through a fellowship that has enriched our lives in countless ways.

We have reached a new chapter in our lives and we are excited to announce that we will be transitioning our studio ownership and director roles to two very capable studio owners, Eddee Huang at Kula Oakville and Olivia Hill at Kula Annex.

Both Eddee and Olivia have been part of Kula for many years as students, teacher training graduates, and have been on our roster as much loved Yoga teachers. Not only do Eddee and Olivia hold the gift of knowledge to continue the living Yoga practice at the studios, they also possess strong professional experience to ensure the ongoing success of operating a conscious business with heart.

Today marks the celebratory day that Eddee and Olivia officially take their roles as acting studio directors. Anne Marie and I will be transitioning our roles through continued mentorship at the studios to ensure a smooth and successful transition. We will be supporting Olivia as studio director at Kula Annex and Eddee as studio director at the Oakville location, which will be changing its studio name to Inye Yoga. We have the utmost confidence in Eddee and Olivia's continued leadership for the benefit of all involved.  We're so proud to pass studio stewardship to Olivia and Eddee, and we're excited to see the continued growth that emerges through their gifts.

With this change in studio ownership, students who currently use passes at both studios will have until August 15, 2019 to use up existing passes at both studios. After August 15th, any remaining classes will be transferred to one preferred home studio.

It is with perfect mixed emotions that we express our heartfelt gratitude to Kula teachers, staff and students for being part of our lives and co-creating a community that is kind, generous, full of spirit and beautiful in the deepest sense of the word.

Thank you for this unforgettable opportunity to journey together. May your paths be blessed and may we see each other again.

All our love,

Colin and Anne Marie Matthews

Studio Directors, 2003-2019


It is with the greatest gratitude that I continue the legacy passed down from Colin & Anne Marie, and what a legacy it is! They have built a solid foundation for this community to flourish, and the humility and devotion they possess has enriched this practice space with pure love. To receive all of this, is to honour all the work they have put in. It is my intention to continue with the same integrity and care for the members of this strong and wonderful community, as I step in as the new Studio Director of "Inye Yoga".

"Inye", meaning "First of Foundation / Cardinal First". I truly believe Inye Yoga will continue to evolve into a integral presence within the community.

It is a privilege to serve, and to walk this luminous path of yoga with all of you.




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