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Classes starting at $8

Various pricing including memberships, virtual only pricing, class pass packages, introductory promotions and Yoga Outreach Initiatives pricing.


Experience 2024 with clarity

INYE trainings & programs to enhance your Yoga practices, through direct experience and contemplations that can support physical and mental wellbeing.


Hypnotherapy Methodology

Learn the science behind hypnotherapy, the mental principles for receptivity, and various applications for this potent practice.

    "I have been coming to the studio for more than 12 years and by now I am deeply rooted in the routine of practicing yoga at Inye. Thank you so much for the virtual classes that started so soon after the pandemic was announced. Thank you also for opening the studio as soon as you could so that I could come back. It has been such a blessing to me to be able to continue to practice my yoga with you and Joanne and occasionally Julie and Sherri. 


I’m happy to see Inye’s progress with the new classes and innovations. May Inye continue to flourish."

- Tracy R.

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