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Yoga Teachers Training Testimonials

    "Inye Yoga has a great energy and true sense of community. Their YTT program has some of the best instructors in their field, from asana to anatomy to breathwork and philosophy."

-R. Naidu

    "The YTT was an amazing experience... It's one of those things you do for yourself first, your physical and mental being and can later use it to help others do the same."

-N. Aylon


    "The training program was a life changing experience for me and I will always appreciate the lessons and knowledge that I have gained. It has already helped me in so many ways in my life."

-M. Morzaria

   "Truly unique, welcoming and warm yoga studio, absolutely the best in my 20+ years of practice. Every level, every experience and every need is taken care of. Super professional, experienced and truly caring teachers and mentors. From the very first time I walked into Inye I felt at home. I was thinking of taking YTT training for some time but could never find the place I felt harmony with. To me Inye became that place. I just finished my 200 hours YTT and WOW! What an amazing experience that was. Eddee, Cynthia, Hali and Ellie were absolutely wonderful!"

-N. Maslov

  "My experience was very positive with Inye Yoga, the team of instructors are extremely passionate, professional and inspiring. They were open to any feedback we had. We were even fortunate enough to have a TA, and they embraced our various experience levels and helped us as individuals. They were always warm, positive and highly encouraging. It was a super experience."

-C. Conroy

    "INYE YOGA's teacher training program was an incredible way for me to learn how to lead safe and effective practices, collaborate with like minded individuals and deepen my own practice. The faculty were knowledgeable, experienced, and approachable. I'm grateful to INYE for being the starting point of my teaching journey and highly recommend them - thank you INYE!"

-N. Shastri

    "Even though I took the 200 YTT at Inye Yoga during Covid-19, I had a wonderful experience. I found Eddee and his team to be bright, experienced, creative, helpful, supportive, cheerful and caring. It was a lot of work and I enjoyed every minute of it. I learned how to teach Hatha Yoga on Zoom and in-person. I also gained a better understanding of myself. I realized that yoga is more than just doing poses…it’s about life and finding ways to embrace peace. I'm glad Eddee found a way to continue the YTT program. I look forward to using what I learned to help my future students embrace the joy of Hatha Yoga. I also look forward to continuing my yoga journey."

-C. Sexton

    “A challenging personal growth experience and worth every single moment! I was encouraged and supported throughout my training and personal transformation. I appreciated some of the down time offered to integrate what was being taught, and to release what was no longer serving me. I continue to practice at INYE as the teachers, classes and workshops are wonderful and all support my Yoga journey as a lifelong student and now teacher. With love and kindness."


    "Inye yoga is not just a regular yoga studio, it is a sacred place, a sanctuary, a home. I have been witnessing an outstanding quality of yoga here, supported by very professional and caring teachers for years. Eddee's approach with an element of yoga philosophy in almost each class brings originality, inspiration, and lots of fun!

I like the abundance of choices that the studio offers from hatha to restorative, yin, hypno yoga to different workshops. My favorite was Reiki training Level 1 where I learned how to apply my own energies to help self-healing. Amazing!

While attending YTT (teacher’s training) I have deepened my understanding of not only yoga, but of life itself. What an incredibly fun and educational environment for YTT. Great teachers!

I loved going to the hot room very much and I enjoyed my yoga there, but lately I found an equal fulfillment in virtual classes which are of exceptionally high quality. Thank you for the enthusiasm, creativity and endless love and support that the studio offers especially in this social distancing time. I feel tremendously blessed to be able to join from a different town where I now live and receive the same quality of yoga guidance as I had in person. My heart is always full seeing all the beautiful yogis sharing the same devotion and passion for yoga as I.

I am grateful to be a part of the Inye Community!"

-N. Lazovic

    "5 stars all the way! I have just completed Inye's YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) and I can't rave enough about my experience. It was such a delight and honour to have been instructed by the best in the industry. The knowledge and insight that the faculty offered us was a life time gift. This program was professional, insightful, with a kind and caring approach. I have been a client of Inye Yoga for a few years and this studio has a beautiful atmosphere with amazing caring teachers, and a supportive community/family. It has been a blessing to be part of this studio. Thanks Eddee and all the staff"

- M. Caruana

    "“Awww!” That’s how I can describe my YTT INYE experience. Amazing! I am so grateful and happy for the opportunity to learn, grow and immerse further in the vast field of yoga.

Really enjoyed the journey during the last 9 months! Love the way all teachers uniquely shared and transferred knowledge - super passionate and supportive, embodying yoga and serving their students. It is inspiring and contagious. Learned so much from the teachers and also other students.

INYE YTT is training for a lifetime. In addition to proving a solid foundation of a yoga teacher career and deepening my personal practice the YTT broadened my spiritual connection and awareness, allowing me to tap into the knowledge within, to reconnect with my inner soul.

Thank you for supporting me on my yoga journey. I am blessed to be connected to the INYE community."

- S. Dimitrova

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