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Love Letter from our member - Trudy Walker

I have recently become a member of Inye yoga studio after years of buying passes only ,as my gym offered yoga as well.

After years of jolting workouts from step to interval classes , I came to the conclusion that yoga can provide both a serious 🏋️‍♂️ workout while not harming my body at the same time ! Yoga  is my passion and God willing , I can do it into the sunset ......

The shear variety  and number of classes,  means I can pretty much do yoga whenever my little heart ❤️ desires . It also means anyone any age can partake in these classes from hot 🥵 serious workouts , yoga classes with weights , to slow warm mindful luxurious stretch classes.(Tiffany is the queen of stretch ) And what’s not to love about Joanne’s (the fox) classes ! It’s like having a 75 minute warm physiotherapy session with a serious workout snuck in ! And then there’s electric Eddee who’s oozes  , joy , peace , warmth, fun and who teaches challenging fabulous classes with a perpetual glow and smile 😊

From Shari who’s enthusiasm is  infectious and the other instructors Who go with all of their hearts and teach with love grace and gratitude ,a big thank you 🙏 to you all!

Yoga is good to do alone but great to be shared and I am blessed to call Inye this clean, bright, friendly studio my yoga home! So these three things remain : faith , hope , and love , but the greatest of these is love “ Peace and gratitude 🙏 Trudy walker


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