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Parents and Kids Yoga - Wisdom of Coming Together as One Family

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs we will ever have. Our kids don’t come with an instruction manual. You may want to parent differently but don’t know how or what approach you should use. You are not alone! A lot of parents feel this way. But there is hope! This workshop will show you how to build a strong relationship with your child (age 5-12).

In this workshop series we will explore ways to support ourselves and our young children.


  • Share what surprised you about your journey into parenthood

  • Find community of like-minded families because it takes a village

  • Set intentions and goals for your family and parenting

  • Learn tools and strategies to serve you for the rest of your parenting journey.

  • Learn how to take skills from your yoga practice into your everyday life and parenting.

  • Have a memorable time with your child through Yoga & bonding exercises.


Session 1: Setting Yourself Up for Success (Parents Only) - Nov 11th (Fri), 7pm - 8:30pm

Session 2: Join in Practice in-joy! (Parents & Kids) - Nov 12 (Sat), 2:30pm - 4pm

Session 3: Parenting, Mindfulness and Yoga (Parents & Kids) - Nov 26 (Sat), 2:30pm - 4pm


SESSION 1 (90min): Setting yourself up for success

  • Parents only

  • Getting to know each other

  • Building safety

  • Activity with the parents

  • Meditation

  • Intention setting & journaling

  • We will spend time reflecting on what values are important to you and your family. Ways to live these in your day-to-day life.


  • Special time

  • Checking-in with yourself/body scan

  • Naming feelings & needs. Yours and your child’s


SESSION 2 (90min): Join in Practice in-joy!


  • Parents & kids session

  • Parents educational session based on intention/goals from session 1

  • Theme: Yoga class on exploring EMOTIONS

  • Breath (hands on belly + heart) with b-ball (Introduction of check-in wheel)

  • Warm-up feelings dance

  • Depending on age of children attending class could include yoga with story book

  • Yoga sequence yoga + emotions

  • game guess the emotion sculptures

  • Relaxation (body detective scan)

  • Mandala colouring or eye pillow making

Practice (30min): Coming together for family yoga

  • Opening with breath (hands on heart and belly) with b-ball

  • Short warm up

  • Partner yoga

  • Class conductor (orchestra sounds)

  • Family relaxation (loving kindness song)


SESSION 3 (90min): Parenting, Mindfulness and Yoga


  • Parents & kids session. Start with family yoga (30min)

  • Breath (Check-in wheel with parents)

  • Mindful turtle exercise

  • Warm up freeze dance

  • Partner yoga + make up a pose for the emotion word game

  • Relaxation (same as last class)

Theme: Yoga class on exploring EMOTIONS and STRESS

  • Breath (hands on belly + heart) with b-ball (time for check-in wheel)

  • Warm-up feelings dance (make up your own!)

  • Yoga superhero sequence… The supers meet the Stressor (What is stress and how do we recognize stress in our bodies? (Elevator breath + Ninja warrior breath)

  • Relaxation (body detective scan)

  • Game (mindful eating - a celebration graduation snack)

  • Mandala colouring or eye pillow making

Final sharing circle with parents, for takeaways & learning.


Nov 11 (Fri) 7pm - 8:30pm

  • (Parents only)

Nov 12 (Sat) 2:30pm - 4pm

  • (Parents & Kids)

Nov 26 (Sat) 2:30pm - 4pm

  • (Parents & Kids)

Registration Options

Full 3 Part Series Workshop 

  • $200 +hst (10% off for members)

Each Individual Session

  • $70 +hst (10% off for members))

Ready to commit?

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Your yoga mat, 1 strap, 2 yoga blocks, and a journal.


If you have any questions regarding Parents and Kids Yoga, please contact us:

email or

call (905) 829-3443

marcia pic.jpg


Marcia, a certified yoga teacher and parent, finds joy in serving families in creating fun and transformative yoga classes and workshops!

In 2006, she discovered yoga in Australia and has practiced and explored a variety of yoga disciplines ever since! Noticing the many positive changes the practice had on her own body and mind, Marcia completed her first teacher training in 2011 with Moksha Yoga.

Yoga offers a depth of living and continues to inspire Marcia’s path. She is grateful to all the teachers and yoga lineages who have offered their gifts and is very curious to experience what’s ahead.

Marcia also completed a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 with Sat Dharam Kaur. This radiant and playful teacher guides children and children at heart and travels all around Toronto to offer yoga in childcare centres and schools. She is also a trainer with Young Yoga Masters. 

Jenn pic.jpg


Over the past 8+ years, Jenn have taken numerous parenting courses, read every parenting book under the sun, worked with a psychologist and though those were all pieces to the puzzle in becoming the parent she wanted to be, it was ultimately working with her own parent coach that led her to a massive transformation. 

Jenn was called to do the same for other parents.  She is now a proud graduate of the world’s leading institute for parent coaching, The Jai Institute. As a Certified Parent Coach, Jenn guide other families around the world on their own transformation.

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