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Yoga Outreach Initiatives

INYE Yoga Outreach practices are suitable for absolute beginners! To deepen the connection (proprioception) to the body & breath before attending a standard studio practice.


This is designed for corporate employees, homemakers, and people who are always on the go. We want to reach out to you with open arms. You can take charge of your life and start healing yourself with our gentle and calming $8 Outreach Yoga (included in the Standard Membership). Now available on every week day!


Yoga is never about twisting or folding into impossible postures, it is a comprehensive geometric system of physical & energetic alignments. Like building a house, a perceptive and knowledgable architect understands where to place support beams & structural walls, and determine the ceiling curvatures & roof angles. Any slight miscalculation could risk damaging the house after some time, from minor fractures to total structural collapse.


The same principle applies to a human structure. The physical body is never designed for 8-10 hrs of stationary sitting with shallow breaths, while resting arms below shoulders, and with feet walking only on smooth surfaces. As the body slowly weakens through various misalignments, one becomes less encouraged to move, which contributes to a degenerative health.


The physical aspect of Hatha Yoga is practiced with bare feet, which allows you to ground yourself to the earth, and extend your spine and energy to resonate with the larger Cosmic geometry. Each posture is a unique system which aligns you with the Sun (Ha), the Moon (Tha) and the Earth (Prithvi), which naturally strengthen the body and purify the energy centres. At the end of each practice you are energetically vibrant and emotionally joyful!



Lower back issues are common side effects of sitting for long duration, cause jamming of lower lumbar spine. Solution: spinal extension (all direction) & psoas stretch.


Neck pain comes from excessive shoulder shrugging, also long hours on computer with neck hinges forward. Solution: increase shoulder /shoulder blades mobility.


Knee pain is often the symptom of tight hips and weak immobile ankles, which results from wearing stiff shoes and tight clothes. Solution: increase hip mobility & ankle strength.


$8 Outreach Pass

  • Hatha I - Candlelight Yoga  |  Time: 7:30pm Mondays


Lit by the light of candle flames, one can touch the outer-worldly dimensions. Moving mindfully with rhythmic breaths, this is a practice that gives relaxation and introspection, and reverberates with our humanity within. Everyone's welcome.


The Monday Hatha I - Candlelight Yoga is a mindful and gentle class facilitated by Laura Parro.


Props needed: Mat, 2 blocks, strap, blanket. Virtual Class happens in parallel with the physical practice, a beautiful (re)union!


Join the Hatha I - Candlelight Yoga on Mondays with Outreach Pass (purchasable on INYE website / Online Store); membership holders can join freely as part of the membership benefit!

  • Slow Release Flow  |  Time: 6:00pm Wednesdays


A delicious slow flowing practice that aligns movement of the body with the pulsation of the breath, and increase metabolism and blood flow to the body. Classes are stimulating and transformative, and are optimal for students who crave a physical and meditative practice. Come prepared to release tension, and feeling blissful and relaxed after!

  • Revitalizing Stretch with Breathwork  |  Time: 1:30pm & 6:00pm Tuesdays  |  6pm Thursdays |  1:30pm Fridays


Revitalizing Stretch with Breathwork is perfect for business employees to regain mental clarity and physical relaxation, by engaging in mindful movements & guided breathwork, to reduce the effects of long hour sitting/standing.


All you need are stretchy clothes and a decent space for movement. Yoga blocks & strap are highly recommended. Virtual Class happens in parallel with the physical practice, a beautiful (re)union!


Join the class with $8 Outreach Pass (purchasable on INYE website / Online Store); membership holders can join freely as part of the membership benefit!


Workplace Yoga Outreach

  • Invite Yoga to your workplace


It is scientifically proven that healthy and relaxed employees provide more quality to the team. Incorporate 30 minute to 45 minutes of Yoga practices into the lunch break, twice a week or more, could greatly enhance not only the physical & emotional wellbeing of your team members, also elevate the overall productivity and efficiency of your company. Our trained teachers can provide virtual or on-site mindful Yoga, and offer insights to assist with body alignment issues when required.


Option 1 - A shared Corporate account among employees


The company can purchase a set number of passes for its employees to draw from. This way your company can allocate a set budget for employees to participate in the Yoga Outreach Practices.


Step a) Create a corporate account like an individual member by visiting here


Step b) Purchase your desired amount of Outreach Passes by visiting here


Step c) Have your employees create a member account (follow step a). Once created, please email, and cc the company HR / Wellness Manager, which we will link the employee's account to the corporate account once the employment status is verified.


Step d) Employees can sign up for the Outreach Classes (virtual & in-studio), and each registration will draw directly from the corporate account.



Option 2 - Private Corporate Session


Each private corporate session depends on the length of the practice & your location, ranges from $75 - $130 +hst. Package deal is available (receive 10% off for 10 + sessions)



If you feel the Yoga Outreach Initiatives can help your team / company / school, please download the promotional brochure (.pdf) for your Wellness department, email "" or fill out the Contact & Booking form, and we will be delighted to reach out for more information.



Laura is a graduate of the Inye 200 hour yoga training since June 2021. You will feel her compassion and love for yoga through her sequences and themed classes that will enlighten you on and off your mat.

She will move you at a comfortable pace to allow you to feel the sensations of each pose. Her encouraging and caring affirmations and attention to her students will help you feel safe and at ease.



Julie has practiced yoga for over 20 years and credits her yoga practice for helping her stay balanced and grounded as she navigates raising two teenage daughters, a demanding career and the ups and downs of life.

During the pandemic, Julie decided to take her love of yoga to the next level, completing the 200-hour Yoga teacher training at Inye in 2021. Julie truly believes that yoga is for everyone, and her classes offer a balance of effort and ease, with options and variations provided to help students find the right practice for them.



Caren decided to become a certified yoga teacher (200 RYT) to help people nourish themselves (mind, body and spirit) and gain a better understanding of herself.


She teaches classes in a safe, focused and caring manner.  Caren cares about helping her students breathe slowly, move mindfully and celebrate what they can do.  Caren encourages her students to be kind to themselves on the mat and spread joy to others when they’re off the mat.  She does yoga and meditation on a regular basis to stay present, grounded and grateful.  She is passionate about health, fitness and nutrition.



Namitha began her yoga practice over 10 years ago, and what started as a desire to increase strength and flexibility gradually turned into a pathway to personal growth and spiritual connection. She is a graduate of the INYE Teacher Training Class of 2021 and is RYT 200 certified yoga instructor. Namitha is a CPA by day, and loves sharing her passion for yoga with those in workplace settings.


Fuelled by her Indian roots, Namitha aims to share the deeper teachings of yoga in order to allow students to transcend the physical boundaries often placed on this ancient art. She aims to cultivate a strong awareness between the breath and movement through her practices, allowing students an opportunity to pause and connect within. Namitha is honoured and humbled to be a part of the INYE community.



Pam first approached yoga as part of her fitness routine and in doing so began to shift her outlook on her health and the world around her. Over the years Pam has developed a style of teaching influenced by yogis such as B.K.S. Iyengar and Vanda Scaravelli. Pam's training includes studies in Hatha, Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga practices as well as anatomy, physiology, psychology, meditation and pranayama. Pam has studied with numerous teachers over the years including Donna Farhi, Judith Hanson Lasater, Susi Hately, and Nischala Joy Devi.   


Pam’s approach to teaching is one of healing and turning inwards. Guiding us to listen to and understand our own personal needs while weaving meditation, physical practice and breathwork in order to balance our bodies, minds and spirits. Pam is passionate about helping others embark on their own healing journey... one breath at a time.



Colleen has a love of yoga having discovered yoga after many years of distance running, spinning and pump classes. She has reinvented herself so to speak, managing a  severe scoliosis, and fully credits 18 yrs of various steady yoga practices in Bikram, Hatha, Vinyassa, Functional Mobility, Restorative and her YTT Training with Inye Yoga in 2021 as her catalyst  for wishing to share yoga through teaching. 


As a now retired R.N., former medical sales rep, wife, mother and Nana, she has witnessed monumental changes with people’s bodies, how they improved their mobility, and how their outlook towards a yoga practice, breathing, movement,  began to shift positively upon introducing yoga into their worlds.  Colleen values your time, your experience, and you can expect her yoga classes will assist you, at your pace, to improve fluidity and calmness within.

I have had the opportunity to practice for over the last 4 months to get to know this space. I have practiced and taught across 20+ studios over 10 years, and INYE Yoga is definitely a gem of a studio located on the Oakville/Mississauga border.

This studio is a sanctuary and has a offering of accessible classes throughout the week, with great, knowlesgeable and skilled teachers as well as option to tune in virtually from the comfort of your own home. The studio owner Eddee also has a unique offering of hypnoyoga, all of which are very accessible to beginners and regular practioners alike. Julie is also a great teacher as are the others - Gentle, Flow, Yin, Meditation, Hot Yoga - you name it the variety is there!

This studio is extremely accessible to all which is really helpful depending on what brings you to practice yoga. Cannot recommend this space enough for continuing my practice! Truly wish I could give it 6/5 stars!

- Chinmayee R.

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