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Yoga of Intuitive Clarity & Body Wisdom

Would you like to be able to reliably access your intuition? Do you know you have intuitive abilities but feel unable to connect to the wisdom they’re offering? Do you feel like your body is trying to tell you something but are struggling to discern what it may be communicating? In "Yoga of Intuitive Clarity and Body Wisdom," you will learn how to attune to the wisdom inherent in your body and enliven your intuitive clarity.


This two day workshop focuses on 3 specific areas of intuitive empowerment:


  • Yoga for Intuitive Development - this is an approach to practice that emphasizes intuitive attunement through the physical body and developing clarity in the process.

  • Understanding your intuitive languages - you have a unique expression in how you receive intuitive information. In this component you'll learn about the different intuitive languages, how you may be receiving information, and what to do with what you receive.

  • Interpreting your Body's Wisdom - Your bodies are not just flesh and bone. You are also made up of energetic investment and beliefs that influence your biology. In this session you will learn about the different physical expressions in your body and what they may be revealing about yourself and how you can live a more aligned and empowered life.

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May 27/28, 2023 (Saturday/Sunday)


2PM - 5PM


  • ​$150+hst (members receive 10% off)

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  • Yoga Mat

  • Two Blocks & Strap

  • Journal & Pen


If you have any questions, please contact us:

email or

call (905) 829-3443



As a highly intuitive and sensitive child Colin struggled to deal with the intensity of his awareness. At age 4, Colin also suffered a significant brain/spinal injury which locked his body and brain into serious patterns of pain and dis-ease. Then, at age 25 when Colin began meditating and practicing Yoga, he experienced an awakening. It was as though a curtain that was occluding his sight had been drawn open and he was able to see clearly again. Through this process Colin began to understand his sensitivity for what it was: A gift designed to support others in living their best life. Colin have studied with many of today’s great spiritual masters (Marshall Rosenberg, Caroline Myss, Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz), founded and ran a successful community of Yoga Studios for over 16 years, and is certified as a medical intuitive. While he has been able to use his intuitive gifts to support many along their path, he has also developed his compassionate heart in order to help others find understanding and healing, even in the most tragic of circumstances. If you are looking for support, clarity or guidance along your path, he would love to be of assistance.

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