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Harmonize - Destress - Recharge

Learn to restore Qi and experience deeply touched stillness and peace. This soft Inner Peace Qigong leads to a deep release of dis-ease/stress, restoring one’s energy channels and infusion of fresh Qi and Peace through the body (reconnection to the Universal Qi field). Unlike any other Qigong classes, you have ever attended!

This Inner Peace Qigong workshop is led by Hae Kwang Sunim and is considered the ultimate stress reducer. We invite you to a great practice which includes Zen Qigong, "Experiential" Qi Energy infusion and healing instruction, Meditation, and more. This practice also includes a soft, flowing series of Tao In, Deep Breathing, Relaxation, and an amazing stress reduction closing and meditation that will leave you floating out of the class.


The energy healing components of the class are taught at Zen Temples in Korea, which specializes in martial arts. This training has a long history and a beautiful community that joins together for practice. 


Beginners welcome. No previous experience is required. Virtual option available.


Sept 17th, 2023


2PM - 4PM


$37 +hst (member receive 10% off)

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If you have any questions regarding New Moon Yoga Nidra, please contact us by email or call (905) 829-3443

Physical Benefits of Qigong Practice

Inner Peace Qigong practice makes the body strong and supple. It improves balance, stamina, and flexibility. It has positive effects on the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, and immune and central nervous systems. It tends to create smooth skin and a pleasant feeling of deep warmth within the body. It increases sexual vitality and allows our sleep-time to be more deep and restorative. Over time, qigong practice can reduce or eliminate chronic pain. It also has the power to reverse the aging process and restore youthfulness.


Emotional Benefits

The smooth and balanced flow of Qi created by qigong practice shows itself as a joyful, relaxed, optimistic and energized state of mind. While the emotional energies of anger, fear, anxiety or grief still may arise, they will be much less “sticky” – and be held and then dissolved within the larger field of joy, gratitude, acceptance and equanimity.


Mental & Spiritual Benefits of Qigong

The abundance of clarified energy and mental stillness generated by this qigong practice supports great mental clarity and nourishes both intuition and creativity. As our intelligence becomes rooted in a connection to the inner body, it widens and deepens in increasingly wonderful ways.


As we deepen in our qigong practice, we become aware of more subtle realms of Being, and begin to experience directly our interconnectedness with All-That-Is.



Hae Kwang Sunim started training at the age of 18 in Thailand. He took full seminary and temple training in S. Korea, with graduated ordinations (including Bhikkhu ordination) under Patriarch Kun Sunim.

He spent over 25 years distilling the Inner Peace Qigong (IPQ), deepest and hardest to grasp teachings, into a simplified language so it can be taught and effectively applied directly in daily life. In 2005 (2549), the 19th Headquarters in Korea appointed Venerable Hae Kwang Sunim as Director of Bo Kwang Zen Center Palm Springs, U.S.A. In 2013, the Western Bhikkhus Council nominated Hae Kwang Sunim 교구장 Kyo Goo Jahng of all American-European Temples (closest English translation: North American-European Oversight Head / Bishop / Director).

Hae Kwang Sunim drew from the most effective mind-body teachings he acquired from studying under different teachers in the East, including the teachings of Wat Bua Luang in Thailand. Part of the methodology is based on the ancient Eastern principles of Hai Palung (Energy Healing), Mind-Body Healing Qigong, Pon Klie Kwan Sow (Emotional Release), Meditation, Food-Based Healing and the importance of compassion, gratitude, oneness, outreach and the need to support the whole person holistically — Body, Mind and Spirit.

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