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Real world hypnosis
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Standing Hypno induction
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100 hour Hypnotist Training

The 100-Hour Basic to Advanced Hypnotist Training is about raising human consciousness. it will help you understand the fundamental making of humanity, to undo the layers of belief system that bind you, instead of liberating you. This training will teach you how to hypnotize others; enter a beautiful state of self hypnosis, and/or as an additional tool for your existing practice.


This training will prepare you for everything from the fundamental knowledge of Hypnosis to the advanced applications such as energy rejuvenation & regression through the lens of Yoga. By systematically discovering the true cause of any symptom, we will show you how to see through the distorted associations, and arrive at a true resolution.


The 100hr Hypnotist Training program is crafted by Eddee Huang, with years of diverse field experience and personal practice. This is a transformative program at its core, both for yourself, as well as your clients. The program is designed with precision and clarity, and includes:

  • Initial assessment & safety net building during in-take

  • building physical & mental connection with client

  • dealing with surrounding (undesirable) sounds

  • conducting hypno induction with built-in tests

  • how to address spontaneous aberration

  • compounding suggestion techniques

  • professional session conduct

  • post session suggestion

  • plus many more in depth topics

We pride ourselves on providing an approachable atmosphere built on a strong community culture and a high standard of education.

  • A curriculum that emphasizes a comprehensive body of knowledge, skills and individual learning and teaching styles

  • A Patter Script book for practice reference and reflection.

  • Join our inclusive and dedicated Yoga community in practice during your Hypnotist training!


Additional questions? To discuss the program please email: