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Full MoonCacao & Drumming Ceremony

Ceremonial Cacao is a powerful plant medicine for the heart. She imbues a peaceful yet purposeful, loving, compassionate energy for ourselves and others. She cultivates a deep connection with Life and Mother Earth, heightening our creativity and sense of connection. She can be a subtle and powerful force, offering us deep wisdom into our spiritual journey, purpose and how to live with an open heart.


We use a ceremonial Cacao from Guatemala (a company founded by an indigenous Mayan mother), which contains a high concentration of joy-inducing compounds such as theobromine. This compound stimulates the cardiovascular system and gives you a warm and uplifting “hum”. It also contains compounds that stimulate serotonin to improve your mood, as well as containing potent antioxidants.


The sacred evening, on a Full Moon (with heightened energy), starts with a meditation and connection with Cacao. We then move into drumming. Drumming is a beautiful way to move out of the mind and into the heart. A drum beat is similar to a heartbeat. The vibration only amplifies the effects of Cacao. Our collective energy with drumming expands our heart in community (feeling a part of something bigger). It lets us connect with creative energy. The evening ends in silence and self-reflection.

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Sept 30th, 2023 (Saturday)


7PM - 8:30PM


  • ​$45+hst (members receive 10% off)

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  • A mug that means a lot to you.

  • A drum or shaker or rain stick

  • A journal and pen


If you have any questions, please contact us:

email or

call (905) 829-3443

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Eddee is the studio director of Inye Yoga. His invitation to all students is to experience and deepen their connections to the physical, energetic, mental, and the subtle bodies through Yoga. Whether it is through Hatha asana, pranayama, meditation, hypnotherapy or reiki, as long as one is willing to step across the open door of awareness, he would provide guidance to aid their journey.

Eddee's main Hatha Yoga principle for deep integrated work is patience. He strives to bring flexibility and mobility back to the spine, to grow tall and move with freedom, and to re-introduce natural alignment back to the body. His practices are conducted gracefully and methodically, and he invites the students to re-discover their physical and mental boundaries while exploring their unique path. Move and discover, that's how we grow and evolve.


Eddee is a certified E-RYT200 teacher, certified Reiki Master, and a clinical hypnotherapist. He aims to provide judgement free practices & a sacred space for every practitioners.



After being touched by the death of family members at a young age, Shanine questioned the meaning of life and death. This led her to study healing and spirituality with masterful teachers. Through her studies and life experiences, she intuitively guides her students to access an inner wisdom that propels them to live to their greatest potential.


Shanine was introduced to yoga while studying massage therapy in 1999 (in South Africa). It wasn't until she came to Canada in 2001 that she fell deeply in love with it. She completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2008. She then completed another 200-hour yoga training (with an alignment focus), a Meditation teacher training program, and her 300-hour yoga teacher training. She owned a yoga studio for 10 years and is grateful to continue sharing yoga with many students, especially at Inye Yoga.


Shanine is an E-RYT 500 teacher with Yoga Alliance. She has received extensive training in Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra and teaches yoga trainings in these fields. Her speciality is bringing rituals and rest to her students to awaken to the sacred.


Shanine was first introduced to ceremonial Cacao many years ago, participating in a ceremony. She later studied Folk Herbalism, where she connected to Cacao again, has participated in other ceremonies, and has worked with other plant medicine. Plants are wonderful allies!

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