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Art of Adjustment

It’s always best when a yoga student finds the way towards their optimal alignment on their own. From time to time, however, a hands-on adjustment can help them find greater freedom and balance. And there are times when a physical adjustment can lead to Aha! and/or Ahhhhhhh! moments or understanding and freedom.

Partnering with a fellow practitioner or supporting a student requires knowledge and practice. Confidence is key to providing intentional and appropriate touch, while enhancing alignment and overall experience. The art of hands-on adjustment is intended for teachers and students who are curious about alignment. It involves honouring someone’s space, providing balance, working with the student’s breath, matching energy and supporting rather than “fixing.”

In this course, we will cover issues of consent and responsibility, and practice stabilizing and mobilizing techniques. Students will work with partners to both execute and experience hands-on adjustments in all types of poses - standing, seated, twists, backbends and inversions.

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12PM - 4PM


  • ​$75+hst (teachers, INYE YTT grads and members receive 10% off)

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Your yoga mat, 1 strap, 2 yoga blocks


If you have any questions, please contact us:

email or

call (905) 829-3443



Cynthia Cooperstone has been teaching yoga since 2002 in studio, private, workshop and retreat settings, and has been involved in numerous teacher training programs, including as Director of Kula Annex Yoga Teacher Training since 2015. Following her primary Hatha Yoga certification, she went on to study anatomy and yoga-based therapeutics, meditation and philosophy, and earned her advanced certification from the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. More recently, she has been investigating High Intensity Interval Training and is adding strength, cardio and functional range conditioning to her offerings.


Cynthia’s studies in Literature (BA, MA) and her subsequent career as a writer, editor and communications consultant have contributed to her eloquence and her ability to make accessible and applicable the deep concepts of the rich yoga tradition. Her studio classes are known for their blend of alignment-based asana and philosophy, and her approach honours individual capabilities and perspectives even as it safely invites personal exploration and physical challenge.  Her trainings are distinguished by her deep respect for and commitment to her students, for her organized and integrated methodology, and for her unwavering commitment to demonstrating and fostering in her students the concept of service. Cynthia is honoured to direct the inaugural INYE Yoga Teacher Training.

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