Testimonials from Our Community

    "I’M NOW A YOGI:)) I CAN’T IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT MY PRACTICE:)💜 Inye Yoga has brought ME.....Peace, 🕊Transformation in MIND//BODY//SPIRIT...

I “seriously dedicated” myself to my practice 6 weeks post an invasive surgery, my surgeon gave me the green light...to start yoga ... I had no idea what to expect, I just showed up.

The Inye Yoga Teachers guided me along my journey to recovery with their profound knowledge, loving energy and their attention to their yogi students. I now practice 5 days a week, I look forward to rolling out my mat:)) THANK YOU ~INYE YOGA ~ you’ve changed my life 🙏 Namaste"

-B. Snarr

    "I have started yoga through COVID. With all the shut downs, I have been able to join online seamlessly. Reservation emails are sent, and the zoom video link is sent 15 minutes before class. The instructors are all top notch. As a beginner, the instructors start by explaining the simple form, and demonstrate more challenging poses with grace and ease. It is a welcoming community. I highly recommend Inye yoga studio."

-M. Adliff

    "I have taken several workshops and trainings here and I always find the instruction and knowledge shared to be first rate. The studio is a warm, welcoming, space with lots of classes and levels to choose from. My favourite is Hypno Yoga. An offering unique to Inye and guided with skill and care. Highly recommend for those looking to go deeper in their practice, and own healing and transformation."

-S. DB

    “The Hypnotherapy at Inye Yoga is a transformative tool. Through a combination of private sessions and HypnoYoga classes I have been able to release years of fear and confusion, shining light into the darkness and bringing forth truth and joy. I would highly recommend the Hypnotherapy offerings to anyone who is looking for a gentle way to help release themselves of their traumas to begin living their own lives free of afflictions."

-T. Harkes

    "What a wonderful experience at INYE YOGA! Eddee was a wonderful guide as he led a small group of students through Reiki level 1. The studio is clean and welcoming, as are the staff. The quality of teaching and sharing is fantastic and well thought out. You leave feeling embraced!"

-J. Kelly

"At Inye you will be welcomed by a warm and mindful community. You will find classes to challenge you and classes to soothe you. The quality of teaching is excellent! I have practiced in this beautiful space for years. The virtual classes are also warm and welcoming."

- T. St Pierre

    "Eddee (the studio owner) is one of the BEST Yoga teachers I have ever had and I have met my fair share of yoga teachers having been a yoga practitioner for over 16 years. Eddee's classes are intuitive, smooth and fun as you are taken into a journey through the mind, body and soul. I highly HIGHLY recommend INYE yoga for whatever level or intention you are coming in for. I found Eddee's classes while looking to ease and calm my overactive mind over 3 years ago and I still go back to his classes to this day. I still remember my first class, how packed the studio was and we were all in sync with each other. Our breaths were coordinated, our movements supple and you can't help to feel like you are in this community like a school of fish swimming and dancing together in the most fun, sweat dripping yoga class you'll ever have. I have learned so much about myself, grown as a person and even made friends through Eddee's classes. Eddee is a natural teacher and guides his students with such care and gentleness. He is also very knowledgeable and passionate, he lives and breathes every word of his teachings. I guarantee you will be coming back to this studio for more! Enjoy your class. Namaste."

- T. Castasus

    "Inye is a wonderful experience for new beginner yogis or well practiced yogis. It is very community biased. It has professional and approachable instructors. The rooms are brightly lite and theme decorated. I find it to be very clean and have hand sanitization stations"

- B. Krall

    "I’ve been to different yoga studios but never found a place like INYE yoga. I always feel calm and welcomed at this studio. I’ve been following Eddie for my practices, his classes are systematic and the pace is perfect. He is an awesome yoga instructor. Thanks for offering virtual classes for us to continue the practice during the pandemics."

K. Chang