Waitlist Etiquette & Respect

Never before had we encountered a global event that asked us to examine every level of our lives. All guidelines should appeal to our humanity and our responsibility toward each other, not to remove or strip them. Ultimately we are in this together as one, and here are INYE's guidelines toward studio operation & waitlist, to provide clarity for all INYE community members & friends.

Nov 20, 2021 Update: Ontario has entered post stage three framework on Monday, Oct 25th, which we In-Studio capacity of 22 practitioners + 1 teacher in the Sun Room, and 10 practitioners + 1 teacher in the Moon Lodge, while maintaining good social distancing (~2m). Our Virtual Interactive Studio continues to serve this dedicated community with our professional LIVE platform.


  • Members must register for all classes (virtual / outdoor / in-studio) through MINDBODY ahead of time, drop-in option is not available.

  • When registering, please pay extra attention to the attending options of "Virtual" , or "In-Studio". If you had signed up virtually by mistake and arrived at the studio, which does happen on a rare occasion, please wait at the lobby for a possible available spot.

  • If the class's indoor capacity has been reached (22 practitioners),  "Waitlist Only" will be displayed under the instructor's name: 


  • When three (3) waitlist spots has been filled, the "Register" button will be hidden, until a spot becomes available again.

  • When you have moved from the Waitlist to the Class, you will receive an email from "Inye Yoga Frontdesk (", with the Subject line "You Have Been Added from the Waitlist to <Class Time> on <Class Date>". Please reply with a simple "YES", to confirm for reservation, or "NO" to yield the spot forward at the earliest convenience!

  • Without confirmation (email or phone) within 60 minutes before class time, the spot may be given to the next waitlist student.

  • If you had signed up for the in-studio class, but can't attend for some reason, please cancel the reservation as soon as the decision was made, so another member can enjoy the practice. Fail to show without a valid reason, your sign in will remain in effect. Please be responsible and call ahead to cancel if can't attend.

  • Please observe the basic respect of timeliness, and arrive at the studio no less than 5 minutes before class time. Your reservation will be yielded to another member at the moment class begins, unless you had informed our receptionist of your delayed arrival due to weather, traffic... etc.


  • It is energizing and encouraging when practice Yoga with friends or family members. Please make sure to register & arrive extra early, so you are all in as a small group.

  • In the change room please continue to observe the mask etiquette, especially when other members are sharing the space with you. This is important as we tend to relax when around friends/family members.